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    We will commission the creation of a database of potential companies that may be interested in placement on YouTube. Preferably from the industry of "general", "audiobooks", "internet", "games", "hardware", etc. (NOT VPN!) All you need is: Company name, business contact (email) It will be a plus if the company in question already had placement on Polish YouTube. Rate: 1 company = 1 PLN Expectations: 10 - 100 email addresses.
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    biuro-sk 11 deals
    Assignment only for people fluent in Ukrainian (spoken and written)! I will order the creation of a file containing databases: 1. individuals and agencies intermediating in the search and employment of construction workers from Ukraine directly to the company. ! Temporary employment agencies, where it is only possible to hire an employee for a given period (leasing/outsourcing), are not taken into account. We are only interested in hiring an employee on a permanent basis, ! 2. Facebook groups where job offers for people from Ukraine are announced, as well as where candidates themselves announce the need to find a job. 3. forums or other types of websites, related to the scope of the previous point. The dynamic behavior we have observed in this segment of services may be a key obstacle to achieving the cooperation efficiency we assume. The database will have to be constantly updated. The order provides for the establishment of a permanent monthly cooperation. Please quote an hourly rate for creating/updating databases and for additional clerical work, related to the subject of the order (e.g. translations or content creation in Ukrainian).
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    The assignment is to create a tool to measure cashflow in a company. You need to collect all data in one place. Fixed costs Variable costs Costs resulting from defects. In addition, we need to improve the functionality of the current Excel, which counts the consumption of utilities in properties. The main problem is the change of the meter and the lack of continuity in the consumption of utilities, and the proper representation of overpayments for utilities. The idea is to build a framework that can be expanded.
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    moxedo 5 deals
    I will order to make a database of groups on facebook industry groups. I am interested in groups only active. After cooperation at an agreed rate I will give all the details to complete the order. I am interested in the price of searching for 50 groups. Specifics of the groups I will give after establishing cooperation.
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    redakcja 2 deals
    Acquisition of business customers
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I will outsource: acquiring business customers for a website offering information about products sold by retail chains. Preferably contact by phone, although I am also interested in your experience in this regard. I am of course interested in results, i.e. getting new partners. I am open to various proposals.
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    Adam 1 deal
    Get information about active job offers from companies websites. In a nutshell, somebody doing this gig would: 1. Find careers/jobs part of the website 2. Copy the position name (np. Software engineer, HR Director) to excel/google sheets 3. Copy the position description The list consists of around 1 thousand websites. It's possible to work together regularly - we generate a list like that every month. Please share a budget per reviewing (copying names and descriptions of job offers) 1000 websites.
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    Customer acquisition.
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good morning! I am looking for people to help me find clients. I do copywriting and website building in WordPress. I want to focus on fulfilling orders and improving the quality of services rather than looking for clients. In some time I am opening 2 companies so there will be an opportunity for more cooperation and promotion due to the development of the companies :) I am willing to cooperate with young (minors also) people without experience. The average value of the order is a few hundred PLN, so you can earn quite well :) If you are interested, please contact me. Greetings!
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Data processing
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100.00 USD

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You will be required to add new coins (new entries) to a database of

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To add as many coins as possible. The average is 25 coins per hour.

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