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The purpose of the order is to develop a web application that allows for the creation of a training sequence for a machine learning algorithm based on information from a web search engine and with the use of manual evaluation of application operators.

The application will consist of:

1) Databases

a. in which information about companies will be collected, which will be extended with search results

b. Information on user responses

c. Information necessary to authorize the user in the system

2) User interface

a. The interface will allow the user to log in using the login and password to the system (accounts will be created by the database)

b. A screen for validating information about companies and companies where the user will be able to compare the official information about the company with the information obtained by searching on google. Each user will be able to verify each company only once. However, each company will be able to be assessed by any user. (one company will have multiple ratings, but only one per user).

3) Application backend

a. The backend will provide the necessary functionalities to enable communication between the frontend and the database

b. Using the google search console, the backend will provide information about the analyzed company in the form of text strings based on information obtained from the search results.

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