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    Good day, we need a person to create a CSV/XLS file for us that will allow us to add products to the marketplace CDISCOUNT, we just need a base that we will fill with our data
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    Olsen 2 deals
    The database should include: - Company name, - Address, - Email address to the decision maker ( purchasing department, director, president, etc ) with job title - E-mail address of the office Companies with headquarters : Hungary
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    Kamil Janik
    Customer acquisition.
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good morning! I am looking for people to help me find clients. I do copywriting and website building in WordPress. I want to focus on fulfilling orders and improving the quality of services rather than looking for clients. In some time I am opening 2 companies so there will be an opportunity for more cooperation and promotion due to the development of the companies :) I am willing to cooperate with young (minors also) people without experience. The average value of the order is a few hundred PLN, so you can earn quite well :) If you are interested, please contact me. Greetings!
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    The work involves searching for companies and contacts according to designated quality criteria (industry, country, position). Required knowledge of Google search engine and finding information on the Internet, linkedin, Excel. As we need companies from all over the world, knowledge of English is required.
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    YouTube database of potential sponsors
    Proposed by freelancer
    We will commission a database of potential YouTube sponsors who may be interested in partnering with podcast/lecture channels. ( creepypastas, audiobooks, etc. ). The scope of the database should include: Name of the company, business contact (email), whether the company has already collaborated with YouTubers, offer* ( e.g. expected payment per 1000 views - optional* )
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    I will order to build a database of B2C/B2B e-mail addresses about 150'000-250'000 addresses. Please send me a proposal with acquisition method, expected time and price.
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Data processing
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Job description

Zlecę stworzenie bazy 200 kontaktów do firm transportowych i spedycyjnych. Poszukiwane są firmy z własnym serwisem, ze stacją diagnostyczną, dysponujące własną flotą. Wielkość firmy: flota od 20 pojazdów w górę.

Potrzebne informacje to:

1) nazwa firmy

2) forma prawna przedsiębiorstwa (Sp. z o.o., SA itp.)

3) miasto

4) adres e-mail do wybranego przez nas działu/ osoby

5) numer telefonu do osoby/ działu z punktu 3

6) dane osoby z punktu 3/ nazwa działu

Proszę o informację, na kiedy możliwe jest stworzenie takiej bazy oraz o informację z ceną za całe zlecenie.

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