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Settle at least one deal via useme to enable the posting of multiple versions of offers (e.g. cheaper and more expensive).


We are looking for support in promoting “the lightest visor on the market” (a small presentation has been attached).

Our support shall have the following attitudes: Israeli

- Speak fluently in the following language: english. Dealing with market in the USA, Canda and Australia.

- Work daily at least 2 – 3 hours (Monday – till Friday) / maximum 40 hours per week - depending on the income

- Freelancer (USEME) contract

- Period of time: due to the markets flexibility and unknown Covid19 situation, the period will be update every two weeks and postponed for another 2 weeks if needed – at least 1 month


- Preparing translations for mailing, which include email templates / price lists / presentations

- Preparing Keywords / AdWords in order to find competitors, who are offering: the same/ similar other visors basing on GERMAN / ENGLISH KEYWORDS

- Mailing: contacting via email competitors with our offer / answering emails. Offer/Order requests will be handled by PRODucingline


- Open for offers

The job in figures:

Daily at least 2-3 hrs

Place or location:


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