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The project:

• For now all I can say is it will start out as a market share visualizer. I can provide more information later and show you my MVP.

• It requires handling and updating of lots of client related data uploaded from excel, csv and hopefully rather sooner than later a direct API connections

• I need to be able to create user accounts / login behind paywalls (stripe)

• At the end of the hackaton I need to have a working product that i can actively test with my current clients (move my current manual excel process to a more automated cloud process) - we decide together what makes sense to put in the sprints

• Based on feedback we continue with hackaton #2, hopefully in February :) .

• More information after NDA,

o During zoom meeting i can show my current YouTrack projects and backlog as for how I've been setting it up


• I want to meet you/the developer via Zoom up front. It's a meeting, not an interview. We both need to be comfortable working together. I can tell you a bit more about my plans and would like you/the developer to show me what you can do and have done. Walk me through some of your code and tell me how you work.

It's important that:

• Your English is good

• You are interested in building a longer term relationship.

• Are willing to sign an NDA and agree that the rights on the created code will be transferred to Reading Rooster (me)

• What we will build is already functioning in excel, and i'm using it in my day to day consulting work.

• I very much know what I want. However, from a development point of view i am highly open to your idea's! I know what product i want, i am not an expert developer.

• As we are currently working in freelance capacity all created code needs to be well documented at all time.

• As my dev style will be mostly based on short sprints that are highly output focused I am looking for a minimum of 3+ years proven experience.

Im reply, please send the rate for one month of work and short description of your experience.


angular2apijavascriptpythonReactReact-router-v4scrumsqlweb application

Required functions:

In short i'm looking for two developers with a a couple of years of experience that are interested in committing to a long term partnership. As a consultant I have an amazing Excel MVP process which i'm actively selling. Now i need to move this to the cloud. For this I want to set up a project team that consists of experts in their field: • Frond end • Back end • Design/UX/UI As I am seriously a believer in team work you need to be comfortable working with other programmers and designers. As a backend dev you preferably are experienced with: • Python • API first / Microservices / Serverless • Google Cloud • Data Management • Web Scraping (not directly right now, but in the future) • Knowledge Graphs (not directly right now, but in the future) • NLP (not directly right now, but in the future) I prefer to work with focus versus one person who is full stack, however knowing some front end as back end programmer and vice versa is a big plus. It's all about teamwork, being able to think together will simply make things more efficient. What i'm looking to do is organize a hackaton with me as product owner, the front end and the back end developer. I have a couple of user stories I want to start develop. This can be either on location or we connect online. Some of the tech stack i'm considering: • Dev management: Youtrack & GitHub • Meetings: Zoom • Front end Framework: React • Cloud network: Google • Documentation: Postman • Charts: • Payments: stripe • SEO data: for now Ahrefs but likely to move this to semrush as they have API • Market information: #SecretForNow • Startup Metrics: baremetrics • Conversion optimisation: convertkit • CRM: Hubspot • Headless - Content: GraphCMS with custom react front end • Client Onboarding & help: intercom • Email: Not sure yet • Webscraping & knowledge graph: #SecretForNow • NLP: #SecretForNow

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