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E-mail marketing
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I am looking for a person to do automation in mailchimp for an online fashion store along with email ideas

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    Studio Psychologiczne
    GetResponse implementation consultation
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are a marketing team that is currently implementing the GetResponse tool into our marketing processes. We are looking for an experienced consultant to help us take full advantage of the tool's capabilities, with a particular focus on its marketing automation features. We expect the consultant to be able to guide our team through the following: - Giving Scoring to Contacts: How to effectively score and categorize contacts according to their value to our business. - Creating an Email Sending Funnel: We want to understand how to create effective email funnels with alternative automation paths to be triggered when people sign up for our newsletter. - Contact Retrieval Process: We need a strategy for recovering contacts with low scoring. - Tagging Contacts: We are interested in what GetResponse's contact tagging capabilities are and how best to use this feature. I-Other Ways to Use GetResponse: We are open to exploring new and creative ways to use GetResponse in our marketing strategy.
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    Bartek81 4 deals
    I would like to commission html templates of newsletters sent to the client in Polish, English and German for: 1. newsletters 2. message sent after leaving the shopping cart without placing an order 3. message sent after customer inactivity 4. notification of price change of watched products 5. notification of change in availability of watched products 6. confirmation of order shipment The code will be accompanied by a code for personalized IAI RS recommendations. The store runs on the Idosell platform
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    YouTab 5 deals
    Permanent cooperation. in the offer please specify the amount and what is included in this amount. Please let me know what experience you have in working on Klaviyo.
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    I will order to set up a campaign for an e-commerce business in the area of agritourism to reach customers who visit the site, abandon the shopping cart, are potential customers, returning customers, etc.