Arrangement of song compositions in musescore 3 (piano)

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I am learning to play the piano. I would love to learn songs that I know and like. Unfortunately, they are not very popular, there are no notes on the internet for them, and rewriting them by myself is very time consuming and it is not difficult to make a mistake. But playing by ear will not teach me how to read music and this is a closed circle.

Measure the tempo and record the notes. I need a pianist, a person who knows what he is doing. He must know if the song can be played with two hands and, if not, apply appropriate corrections to make it sound good and make me enjoy learning. If the song consists of repetitive chorus and verses, only these two sections will suffice in the project. The notes must be saved in a free program where I can listen to them or preview the symbols. MuseScore seems appropriate.

The songs are not complicated. Exemplary:

I am asking for a quote for this song.

Type and length:

120 seconds of single song score

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Adam Goik - Kompozytor
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Jakub Malinowski
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