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I will ask you to make an overlay on ArchiCAD, by means of which, by drawing walls in 2D, a three-dimensional model of a modular wall composed of system elements with a regular shape is created.

We want architects using such an overlay to be able to quickly make a house model, including window / door openings taking into account the size of our elements, basic structural elements (pillars, lintels, wreaths, etc.). After finishing drawing the projection, we want to create a 3D model automatically and to be able to view it spherically.

What we want to achieve:

Drawing the outer line, the walls will draw inside the rooms and in this way we make the outer contour of the building walls, then change the view from a flat horizontal to a flat vertical "front wall view" and in this view paste the selected opening for the door or window.

In addition, we would like the wall layouts to show the elements used in the design and their combinations based on the finished model.

If you are interested in cooperation, please send a message. After the initial conversation, we will send all the necessary materials.

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