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    Email template
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    I will commission the development of email templates sent to clients after phone contact. About 3-6 templates depending on the situation. The content is a few sentences describing the company and encouraging cooperation. It should be neat, creative welcome portfolio of previous creations.
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    Name for the brand ( Naming )
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    I will commission the development of a name for a Thai massage parlor, with a free .pl domain, A name that breaks patterns, stands out from the competition.
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Copywriting and texts
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Job description

Order to add products to the web store

Store on the Redcart platform, products from the home / interior design , bathroom equipment.

Information, photos, general product data will be downloadable from the manufacturers website.

In addition to the basic fields to be added such as name, price, page title, etc. then sometimes photos will need to be scaled to a smaller "weight". , and descriptions will depend on the product.

Sometimes it will be a simple "toilet holder", and sometimes a more complex product such as an underfloor heating kit, where the description will have to be much broader

The number of products is several hundred items at the moment, and we will probably distribute this over time.

In addition, there are new product categories for which you will need to create an SEO description

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Product Category Descriptions ,

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