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    Prolego 617 deals
    Sales Project Manager
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will outsource to lead and manage a sales project, we are looking for someone with experience in sales and micro-team management. Project with huge growth potential + international reach. Additionally great if you have experience in HR/recruiting or just building your own teams. We are asking for price proposals for 20 hours of assignment per month.
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    Prolego 617 deals
    I will commission a premium product (beauty) for online distribution, wholesalers or specialty outlets. We are also interested in having a presence in alternative sites and marketplaces outside of Allegro. We are looking for an independent contractor for developmental cooperation on this assignment. Experience in working with sales, marketing, distribution or similar is welcome. Don't wait - submit your offer, describe your experience and capabilities. We will be glad to meet you! We will contact selected contractors. Information from Useme: submitting an offer is possible only if: - a valid student ID (for pupils/students up to 26 years old) - Confirmed declaration of employment for at least the minimum wage - you have a business activity
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Please send your price suggestions and link to your profile on Pepper. We will consider any proposal.

Please register only people who meet the settlement criteria for the contract of mandate by Useme, i.e. students up to 26 years of age. or persons employed on a full-time basis / on a contract with a salary not lower than the national minimum.

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