Acquiring new advertisers - area of operation Germany.

Closed job
Expected budget:

500.00 PLN

Preferable skills:
Valid until:

Job description

Acquiring new advertisers for the portal.

We pay on a contract basis: order + basis + supplement for obtained ads for each new one + PLN 6 net. Work at your discretion, time and commitment.

We are interested in the territory of Germany

The job in figures:

We pay the salary base PLN 500 + an additional fee for each new advertisement in the system PLN 6 + a bonus for reaching over the limit. If you get more than 100 ads per month + 50% bonus of the base (PLN 250) Area of operation Germany, knowledge of German required

Place or location:

Any on your own. We provide an office in Wrocław and computer equipment after prior arrangement.

No one sends a job offer at this moment.