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A simple script to pull data from a page and import it into excel

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    Arturito 2 deals
    Website BOT
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for someone from Warsaw (prerequisite) who will undertake to make a bot for several websites. Searching for specific information, copying it from other pages ( from the first one on which the specific information appears) and pasting it on another. Screenshoots in the attachment show the information on the pages using the Wappalyzer add-on. One is backend based, so here you will need knowledge of json. I don't really know what else you need, so more details and information in private message.
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    Programme in C++ integrated with Arduino
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person who is able to write a program in C++(not a prerequisite) and integrate it with Arduino.
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    Kamil Adrian Wysocki
    I need an integrated solution to my idea. 1) I would like the customer to pay for the service once at the entrance to the premises, and then use the service by putting the payment card in the card reader, which would receive the payment of e.g. 30PLN, just like in the autbuses (tap and go). 2) The payment card reader recognises that payment has been made by accepting the customer's payment card and the service is then provided. 3) The payment reader recognises the time and measures the time from the issue of the service - a limit is imposed on the frequency per customer of no more than 25 minutes. XYZ) Possibility of tracking payments and frequency of use of services by the customer in a simple statistical application. I am an entrepreneur running a service outlet and I need an integrated solution that allows customers to pay for the service at the entrance to the outlet and use it by putting their payment card to the reader, similar to the "tap and go" payments on buses. I also need the payment card reader to recognise the customer, track the time the service is used and not allow more frequent use than every 25 minutes. Additionally, I would like to be able to track payments and service usage in a simple statistics panel. ... and more
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    NetFortis 26 deals
    Upgrade php version
    Proposed by freelancer
    We have a site that has a template written under wp in 2016, the php 8 version cannot be enabled because the site ceases to exist - it is currently running on php 7.4. The idea is to optimize the current wp site so that it can run the higher php version.
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    ics-polska 1 deal
    Good day, I am requesting a quote for the implementation of a comprehensive e-invoice submission service to KSeF for our proprietary website I am interested in one-time implementation, and possible subsequent updates. Our system runs on PHP scripting technology.
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    I will commission a program that will transfer listings from Allegro to photos, title, basic parameters, description + will make a translation into German with the help of Google translator. The listings come from the stores of our partners - no possibility to plug into baselinker etc. Greetings
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    Isika Sklep
    We are looking for a programmer who will write a plug-in for Presta Shop that will download photos and product descriptions from the websites of business partners and then complete the products in Presta Shop. Another part of the script is to check competing online stores on the Internet (comparing them with ours and adjusting them within a set margin range).
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    Magda 2 deals
    Hello, I am looking for a person to create a rest api between Baselinker and Zoho. We need to pull data from Baselinker - customer order data: email address, shipping address / address on the invoice, products that have been ordered and their quantities and send this data to ZOHO CRM and matched there, e.g. by email address, so that the data will complement / overwrite each other on the customer's cards or in the CRM in the "Transactions" tab.
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    WooCommerce shopping cart code improvement
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good morning! Due to a flurry of responsibilities, I'm looking for a freelancer or a company that: -fix the code responsible for displaying the number of products added to the cart (the number is displayed next to the cart icon in the header) System and technologies: -the store runs on WooCommerce system, and the code is a combination of AJAX and PHP Scope of the order: -re-programming the code to eliminate the use of PHP, by which the cache system on WordPress cannot be enabled (as you know, PHP code is stored in memory by which the functionality of the number of products in the shopping cart does not work).
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    Platforma low-code/no-code
    8000.00 PLN
    Hi, I am looking for a person to create a low-code platform.
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Job description

Needs a simple script that will pull data from a company directory

Data to pull: company name, phone, address, email

If there is no one item e.g. tel no. then it leaves the field empty, but also imports this record

I want the application to be able to pull a large number of data (important to test if it really works even if it has to pull, for example, 5000 company data

Required functions: