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A person who is fluent in php language.

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    Michał 1 deal
    Optimization of a large website
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a company to optimize a large website (store), based on proprietary solutions (technologies: PHP, JS, SQL, SASS, AJAX, the main frameworks are: Symfony, Doctrine, Sonata Admin, jQuery). Possible permanent cooperation in further development of the software. The key of the current order, is the independent identification of problems (affecting the slow operation of the site) and therefore the audit along with proposing solutions and implementing them. We would like to cooperate with a company with time available for this project. Please include an hourly rate in your proposed quote.
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    Enkel 1 deal
    Hey! I have 2 courses in my store in Tutor LMS, I would like to export them and import them with all the content to the other store. Both stores are hosted on wordpress. It's really a matter of simple file transfer within the 2 server.
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    Rafal 4 deals
    Baselinker product update
    800.00 PLN
    Hi, An application that retrieves data from local MS SQL, such as: -product name -description -photo -parameters then updating them on the baselinker product side after the API.
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    Freelancer to debug chat backend
    Proposed by freelancer
    - writing a test XMPP client - cooperate with frameworks for load testing and analysis of full test communication cycles - will test ejabberd in erlang and side microservices - log analysis - analysis of network and TCP performance - analysis of operating system settings, kernel - Erlang and Java team support Number of hours and working hours to be determined. Please send offers with hourly rate and resume.
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    Python (&Django) Programmer.
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for long-term cooperation. Required: - Python 3.8+ - Django 3.2+ - Django Rest Framework - FastAPI (nice to have) - knowgledge of TDD, Clean Architecture, 12 Factor - Docker - AWS (nice to have) - JWT
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    PHP Programmer
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a programmer with a minimum of 2 years' experience in PHP for long-term cooperation. Required knowledge of: - PHP 7 and 8 - RestAPI - MySQL database - Vanilla.js / jQuery / HTML /CSS - Symfony 5/6 and DOCTRIN ORM - Docker - understanding of the meaning of the acronyms SOLID, KISS, DRY, PSR - knowledge of design patterns and their application - basic knowledge of web application security - unit/integration testing (PhpUnit).
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    Web application development in php
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission the development of a web application in php and cooperation in its further development. At this stage, the estimated labor intensity is several tens of hours (the next steps in the process of defining)
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    Hello, I need to make from scratch or install, customize and configure an off-the-shelf paid solution that meets the requirements. It needs a panel for a merchant for a store based on WP and Woocommerce. The operation is as follows: Merchant has its own unique code. The merchant, when registering his acquired customer in the store, enters his representative code in the registration form, so that the acquired customer is permanently assigned to the user/merchant. In the representative's panel there should be access to statistics, i.e. orders placed by his customers, his earned commission and data of the stores acquired by him (The most important thing is that there should be a commission). More or less something like this. It is possible that it would be possible to adapt some existing plugins with an affinity program to this, I do not know.
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    7 Regnum 8 deals
    Store based on Prestashop Custom made module that redirects to a survey with a product inquiry. We will order to add a "subscribe me to newsletter" button (such as it is by default in the website registration) in the survey in the module
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    DATA4AI 2 deals
    Fullstack Developer Role Awaits
    Proposed by freelancer
    Join Our Team: Fullstack Developer Role Awaits Seeking an adept Fullstack Developer for a dynamic freelance role. Are you a tech aficionado with a knack for sculpting top-notch solutions? Dive into an opportunity made just for you! Your Skills and Expertise: Backend Brilliance: Proficiency in Python, FastAPI/Django, and Pandas. Proven experience in crafting microservices and RESTful APIs. Database Mastery: Strong skills in Postgres and adeptness in handling intricate relational databases. Frontend Excellence: Profound knowledge in Angular, NX, Ngrx, Rxjs, and micro frontends. Fluent in TypeScript and JavaScript for crafting captivating user interfaces. Infrastructure Prowess: Solid grounding in AWS services like Lambda, RDS, S3, API Gateway, and Cognito. Your Contribution: Converge ideas and technology to design and construct a groundbreaking platform. Blend creativity and technical prowess to produce unparalleled user-centric experiences. Engineer scalable, efficient code, emphasizing performance and resilience. Stay in tune with the latest tech advancements and weave them into our projects. Why Choose Us? Flexibility: Relish the autonomy to work in tune with your rhythm. Innovation: Immerse yourself in boundary-pushing projects where your insights are cherished and realized. Collaboration: Join hands with a team that values partnership, mentorship, and growth. Impact: Play a pivotal role in a purpose-driven initiative with immense potential to redefine the sector. Driven by tech challenges? Keen on making a lasting impact? Share your story, your standout projects, and why you're the perfect match for our visionary endeavor. Request for a quote for the month of work for the declared number of hours.
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Job category:
Desktop/web applications
Expected budget:

2000.00 PLN

Preferable skills:
Valid until:

Job description

Script works on php 7.1, you would need to convert it to php 8.x

The script has errors, some of the functions do not work - a person fluent in php language should quickly fix the script - the script has been partially repaired (however the current programmer broke off contact)

Additionally I have a few other scripts of the same programmer written in the same style - I would like to combine these scripts into one.

The repair will take place on a subdomain, and then I would like to implement it on the main domain so that the users will not suffer.

Previous programmer before taking the order asked if it is a pure php, or framework - I do not know.

Required functions: