3D visualization - two labels on bottles

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3D graphics
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Job description

I have two different labels to visualize on the same spray bottle. I need a straight view in high quality jpg and a 3D file in obj or other format.

Type and number of projects:

2 JPG files of a straight view, 2 OBJ files or other formats of labels applied to the bottle.

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    The order concerns the preparation of a realistic model of a fish of the species "common bleak". The model should be prepared in 3d printable format and reproduce natural details as much as possible - eyes, gills with texture and any fine scratches/depressions, fins (only ventral and pectoral) with rays, scales, etc. Review photos - https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ukleja_pospolita#/media/Plik:AlburnusAlburnus1.JPG I will send detailed drawings and descriptions in messages. Deadline to be determined. Possibility of cooperation on future projects.
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