The 5 best freelance jobs for introverts


18 October 2022
Want to start a new career, work in solitude, manage your time, and make a perfect balance work-private life? Find 5 best freelance jobs for introverts.

Business meetings, conferences, and public speaking can cause problems for some of us. It may be challenging to interact constantly with strangers. However, it’s necessary right now to develop soft skills that help to present your hard skills on Instagram Reels or YouTube Vlogs. Many creative and talented persons aren’t ready to sell their expertise this way. If you are comfortable in solitude and often feel uneasy with many people around you, you probably are on the introverted side. Your personality might be an essential factor when choosing a profession. It doesn’t mean you must sit back and forget about a successful career. Here you can read about the 5 best freelance jobs for introverts.

Best jobs for introverts:

Website and app developers: front-end, back-end, and full-stack

IT is very viral now. Many businesses search for good web product developers. There are a lot of positions that require specific skills. People who know languages and frameworks may work remotely and are well versed in IT technologies will always have a job with decent pay. Modern educational platforms will help you to get new skills and find the position of your dream, remote and well-paid. Website freelance development, programming, mobile application creation… these are just a few of the activities for an IT specialist. You may check Stack Overflow research 2022 to learn about popular IT positions for website freelancers and the average annual income you may get.

Freelance copywriter and translator

This job may be engaging if you’ve always liked reading books and writing stories. Many creative individuals, among introverts, choose to work with texts. You can start small: social media blogging, blog posts for websites, YouTube scripts, and white papers. All you need is to delve into SEO copywriting and have a good command of the language. Suppose you want to know more about trends in this activity; check the LinkedIn blog post. We also advise using free tools for copywriters to check your texts before sending them to your customer.

the 5 best freelance jobs for introverts The 5 best freelance jobs for introverts

UI/UX designer

UX / UI design is the work on the interface of an application or website. The task is to make the final product intuitively understandable and visually attractive.
UX – “user experience.” UX is all about how the user interacts with the interface. A UX designer cares about the usability of a website or app.
Let’s imagine that you have visited the marketplace website. With good UX design, you will immediately figure out how to open a catalog, set filters, place an order, etc. You will have a positive impression of interacting with the website, as it is easy to navigate.
UI – “user interface.” UI is how the interface and its elements look on screen. The UI designer is responsible for the visibility of the website or application: the appearance of the menu, buttons, readability of the font, and visual effects.

For example, a medical care website has menu buttons, inscriptions, and banners. With good UI design, you can easily read the text, find a doctor you need, and make an immediate reservation. The colors contrast and do not merge with the background, the layout is neat, and the words do not run into each other.
You may also consider becoming a freelance graphic designer, game designer, animation, or 3D designer. And trendy today NFT designer. Aside from remote work, you may also place your art pieces on the stock platforms and have a passive income from subscribers’ downloads.

the 5 best freelance jobs for introverts 1 The 5 best freelance jobs for introverts

Accounting, business planning, business analytics

Many companies have recently used freelance accountants, business planners, and analytics services. These positions are for those introverts who love mathematics and work with reports and figures. These skills are in great demand nowadays.


Digital Marketing

And we talk here not only about social networks. You may become SEO, PPC professional, Targeting, or SMM Manager. To master this field, you need to be good at working in various social networks, which, if desired, are pretty easy to learn. This work will appeal to you if you can; you love communicating virtually without needing personal meetings. You can get a decent reward and the opportunity to manage your time for this work. Digital marketing promotes customers’ online business (website, marketplace, application).

How to choose the best work when you’re an introvert

the 5 best freelance jobs for introverts 2 The 5 best freelance jobs for introverts

We advise you to check with popular educational platforms and choose the best course to get or improve your skills and start working online: 8 Online Learning Platforms That Allow You To Move At Your Own Pace.
You can choose any direction and skills. The core thing is to find an area that is right for you. If you feel like working remotely is your happy asylum, don’t torture yourself by doing the wrong work under stress. Why is all the drama causing psychological problems? Just pick the right field and always have a plan B. Try to change something. You may always return to your past routine. Therefore, go ahead and choose a profession to your liking, then the financial situation will be in perfect harmony with your state of mind.

If you want to know more about becoming a freelancer, here is our guide for having a successful freelance career.

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