5 last-minute Christmas gifts every freelancer will love!


23 December 2022
The holiday season is the best time to show our loved ones some appreciation. If you're looking for a perfect present for your favorite freelancer, here are some great ideas for last-minute Christmas gifts!

It’s hard to think about the Christmas celebrations without a moment of exchanging gifts. Whether you gift them on Christmas eve or morning, find them under the Christmas trees or give them personally. Christmas season is the giving season!

But finding the perfect one can sometimes be a challenge. That’s why, as experts on freelancing, we prepared a handy gift-giving guide with easy and last-minute friendly gift suggestions that every freelancer will enjoy. Become the best Santa Claus freelancer can think of!

Best last-minute gifts for your favorite freelancer

  1. Something for the mind

    Freelancing can be extremely stressful, so if you want to be a good friend, try to support their perseverance in achieving their career dreams…. by funding them a little break. You might not be able to send them for a well-deserved vacation, but what about a few minutes of relaxation thanks to a great novel or podcast? Look out for:

    • Digital audiobook and ebook subscriptions;

    • A great novel to read under the Christmas tree;

    • A subscription to a meditation app like Headspace or Calm;

    • An all-time classic Spotify voucher so they can choose their own relaxing background.

  2. 5 last minute christmas gifts every freelancer will love 1 5 last-minute Christmas gifts every freelancer will love!
  3. Something for the home office

    Most self-employed and work from homers spend the majority of their time sitting in front of a computer. Why not put in some budget and help to spruce up their home office desk? Looking through the auctions, the most popular options are:

    • Mug warmers – these tiny little wonders plug into the computer’s USB cable slot and help keep the tea or coffee cup warm;

    • Water tumblers – because hydration is key to a fresh mind;

    • Ring lights – that you can clip to the computer or phone and make a huge difference in the zoom call and marketing video quality;

    • Seat cushions – will make spending eight hours in front of a computer a bit easier by promoting better blood flow and posture.

  4. Something to help out their business

    Many freelancers start their businesses from scratch, and it takes a while for the investment to return good profits. There is no better practical gift than directly supporting someone’s career. Some great ideas here are:

    • Yearly domain hosting – so they can get a jump-start with creating their online portfolio;

    • Online classes – help them keep up with their knowledge and gain more experience by sponsoring an Udemy or Coursera certification in their field;

    • Grammar checker tool – to make their emails and drafts typo-free forever, check out digital subscriptions to Grammarly or LanguageTool;

    • Business cards – so they make a good first impression while networking.

  5. 5 last minute christmas gifts every freelancer will love 2 5 last-minute Christmas gifts every freelancer will love!
  6. Something to help them plan out their day

    You can’t freelance without proper planning. The easier the process, the more efficient the work, so help them out to draft their career plans and dreams with stationery and digital organization tools. We recommend:

    • Bullet journals – using which they can monitor their dreams, skills and tackle even the most tedious tasks;

    • Calendars and planners – so they won’t forget any important meeting or a private birthday anniversary;

    • Digital productivity tools – with the winner of the year being Notion, currently the most popular and easily personalized planning tool.

  7. Something personal!

    The best gifts are the one that shows that the giver has really taken some time to consider our needs and our character. Try to think, what could bring some joy to your friend this holiday? Some easy shopping ideas that everyone will love are:

    • Subscription boxes – arriving every month at their house with a new selection of teas, coffees, books, or wine. Trust us; there’s a subscription box for every need;

    • Blankets – while the idea might seem bland, there’s nothing better than snuggling up in a warm, fluffy blanket;

    • Hobby items – if they have a creative hobby like writing or playing music;

    • Board games – the trick is they come with an invitation for a family game-time session. Fun!

    We hope at least one of our ideas brought you closer to finding a great gift for the hardworking freelancer in your life… or yourself! We won’t tell. Enjoy the holidays!

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