5 great sites where you can create no code portfolio website


10 October 2022
No coding? No problem! Whether you’re a freelancer content writer, a virtual assistant, or a graphic designer, here are a few options for creating a great web portfolio with no coding skills necessary.

A great portfolio can help showcase your skills and help land your next big project. Simply put, it’s a must if you plan to succeed as a freelancer. Many people get discouraged, thinking that creating your own personal website will be challenging and require coding skills. Luckily, many services will help you present your work concisely and elegantly. Here are some examples:

How to create a good portfolio website?

Before you choose a website to host your portfolio on, let’s look at what a good portfolio should consist of. The first question you should ask yourself is what kind of work you want to present to your clients, as your needs for a portfolio will vary, depending on whether you’re a content writer or a graphic designer.

A well-made portfolio should present your work and give some background on who you are. Professional skills, private projects, and passions – all of this information creates your freelancer brand. Make sure that your portfolio has:
⦁ your contact information;
⦁ links to your socials;
⦁ information about your education.

Suppose you’re already experienced enough to have these; add some testimonials from your previous clients. Or leave a space for it, and trust us – with a well-made portfolio website, you’ll quickly fill it up.

create an amazing portfolio website with no coding skills 1 5 great sites where you can create no code portfolio website


Building any website on Wix is a fairly straightforward process that doesn’t require any coding skills. You can start as quickly as by signing up and answering a few questions about yourself and your needs, and the creator will do the magic for you. Conveniently enough, Wix works template-based and has a whole section dedicated to professional portfolio templates, which you can later easily adjust. Browsing through their options, you’ll find add-ons that can accommodate your needs, such as an online store builder, scheduling software, and customer management tools.

Adobe Portfolio

If you’re already using the Creative Cloud Adobe subscription, Adobe Portfolio might be your best option. This no-coding, theme-based website creation tool will let you showcase your work in minutes. Mainly marketed toward photographers already using the Lightroom software, Adobe’s portfolio will be an excellent match for all freelancers needing a good-looking website. The functionalities include single-page and multiple pages portfolios, integration with Behance, and password-protected sites.


Unique between all portfolio builder tools, Clippings. It is directed to professional writers and journalists. It lets you easily clip your existing articles, upload PDFs, embed video links, and, most importantly, fully customize the look, with no coding and no necessary graphic skills.

create an amazing portfolio website with no coding skills 2 5 great sites where you can create no code portfolio website


Dribbble should be your choice if you’re a design or creative professional. The portfolio functionality will help you showcase screenshots of your latest creation, together with some information on who you are and how you work. While a bit more complicated to set up than typical website services, it offers plenty of helpful tutorials that will help you showcase your art. And what’s even better – Dribbble is also a community where you will be able to find inspiration and future clients.


Built originally as an invoicing platform for European freelancers, Useme became a multi-functional sourcing site, connecting contract workers of all kinds to projects and employers. When creating a profile, you unlock an option to showcase your latest work samples. Simple, to the point of finding projects and proving your skills simultaneously, but what else could you need?

We hope these few options for no code portfolio websites will help you in your first steps as a freelancer. Let us know if you have any other suggestions!

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