5 necessary qualities of a good freelancer


25 October 2022
What kind of qualities are necessary for a good freelancer? Let's see 5 most valuable skills in this field of work.

Do you have what it takes? With great possibilities… come great responsibilities. While anyone can try to be a freelancer, making it work takes a whole array of skills. What kind of qualities are necessary for a good freelancer?


You made it. You’re your own boss. Finally, working on your terms. It sounds like a dream, except for that… Being your own boss requires you to do a lot of work by yourself and think like an entrepreneur. Advertising, finding clients, paying taxes, planning your calendar – all this falls on you. Luckily, there are many tools online that’ll help you to organize it all. But you won’t make it without a bit of self-discipline. This quality will help you push forward toward your goal.

Time management

Working freelance means there is no set schedule and no hours to upkeep. Don’t make this mistake, and learn to track your time wisely! Good time management will help you set your rates and do your tasks productively… but also stop chasing deadline after deadline. Lack of good time management can also negatively affect your personal life. You’re responsible for your breaks now – so make sure to schedule some time for that too.

5 necessary qualities of a good freelancer 1 5 necessary qualities of a good freelancer

Networking and communication skills

This quality will help not only to find new clients but also to build your brand. After all, your brand is you. Jobs don’t fall from the sky; to find them, you must learn how to approach clients and pitch them with a reasonable offer proactively. Networking skills help! Communication is key too. When you talk to a new prospect, you must understand their business needs. And how you can help.


Freelancing often equals instability. Getting to the point when you will have a guaranteed, stable income takes some time, so you must be prepared to budget well – and stay resilient. There will be months full of exciting tasks that pay well; there will be months when you won’t find any. Stay resilient, push forward, and trust us – it will pay off.

5 necessary qualities of a good freelancer 2 5 necessary qualities of a good freelancer


Don’t forget about passion! After all, it’s what brought you here. The real magic of successful freelancing is turning what you are passionate about and good in and cashing it out. Passion should drive you to new skills and challenges, sometimes even out of your comfort zone.


Do you think you have all the qualities mentioned above? Or do you see places in which you could improve? Luckily, no one is perfect, and we are meant to improve constantly. Recognizing weaknesses is the first step in solving the problem and searching for a solution.

While strengthening a skillset is something that you need to work on within yourself, the internet, your new great office, provides a whole array of tools that can be useful in that. You’ll find time trackers, portfolio creators, and websites that connect you with your future clients (you’re just reading this article on one!). This means that will make a little bit of faith, passion, and perseverance, anyone can become a freelancer.

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