You have to have these tools around if you marry freelancing and travel

Published on 2018-05-26 by Marcin Nieweglowski.

Probably most of you use the following tools: Google Drive, Trello, Skype, Slack, Google Hangout, Evernote, Skype. They’re must-have for every freelancer, nowadays. In fact, it’s not a completed list in case you connect working remotely with travel. Then, your professional reality is more demanding. It caused you start to be afraid of travel costs, coworking space, costs of local living etc. Don’t be afraid, however.

You will never take your life in your hand. We have put our best foot forward to compile this comprehensive collection of solutions which will remove all doubts related to this matter. Let’s treat it like your up-to-date digital freelance toolbox.

Buckle Up
Why not connect freelancing and travel with dating when love is in the air? Yes, you’re right, this app is like “Tinder for freelancers” with a pinch of salt. To get it straight, Buckle Up facilitates to find someone who’s a woman or a man after your own heart.

Five Claps
One day, you realise that you have to travel to your client who operates in the unknown place. Thus, you have to work out some issues related to accommodation: where to stay, where to eat and drink and maybe what’s trendy around to see. In this case, this app should come in handy. Using it, you will never put yourself in jeopardy.

Have you ever dreamt about globetrotting-based undertaking bespoken to contractors? Sometimes dreams come true. One of them, especially for a freelancer, would be Flexpat. It’s a 4-month program which allows its members to visit different cities (from Marrakech, Barcelona, Bali to Seoul) every month and work remotely there. But there’s a catch, it’s not for everyone, though. If you’re rolling in money, it’s something for you.

Knowmad Life
Due to permanent lack of time, freelancers often don’t take networking something for granted. They don’t have a clue it could be a double-edged sword, though. To prevent from making this mistake, they should install this app. It helps in finding interest-liked professionals somewhere in the digital sphere. Maybe someday, these new contacts will turn into new business challenges, who knows?

At a first glance, it’s quite similar to Five Claps. The devil is in the detail, though. Kolu operates in microscale, only in New York. So if you would like to come out your comfort zone and encounter local travel experiences alongside people with different background, pick it and have fun.

Moving Nomads
It’s a treasure trove of information about over 300 cities and their perks for freelancers. Although recommendations related to best WIFI cafes or co-working spaces aren’t such revealing, you can get other useful advice (where you buy sim cards, what’s a current weather, for example).

Nomad List
It’s a legendary platform about freelance accommodation in over 1200 cities across the world. You can’t even check every place in terms of air quality or safety for women.

If you’re not good at ice-breaking nor networking, this app will assist you in these situations. Unfortunately, it’s still a Sweden-focused solution. However, its crew will plan to kick off globally. So let’s keep our eyes open.

Finally, women hustlers have their own digital promising land. Shello is something between social media platform and emerging unit with motivational and business approach. A power of women strikes!

So far, it’s the most sophisticated freelance-friendly city search. Before the service delivers you a set of proposals, you have to fulfill a simple 2-page questionnaire regarding the cost of living, quality life, job & career as well as city infrastructure among others. The simply-designed interface makes overall experiences surprisingly neat.

The Savvy Backpacker
Usually, a typical freelancer isn’t well off. However, it shouldn’t withhold them exploring the world. In fact, frugality means the wise use of resources. So let’s learn from the best, especially if you consider travelling through Europe. These tips will prevent you from being strapped for cash.

WiFi Map
Internet access is an essential tool particularly if you work remotely. It’s like fish which can’t live without water. Thanks to WiFi Map, you have an access to over 82 million free WiFi spots globally. You will never be out of range.

Finding a co-working place nearby will never be easier than before. So take this app seriously.