Useme vs. Xolo – go freelance with the best tool at hand


7 March 2024
Good news! If you’re comparing Useme and Xolo, you already know your freelance game. Both platforms let you collect client payments legally, even if you don’t run a company. How? They’ll invoice on your behalf, so you don’t need to deal with the unwanted hassle of accounting. To choose a suitable service, check our highlights from the Useme vs. Xolo comparison.

Useme vs. Xolo – client payments for non-corporate freelancers

Meet Sarah. She’s a graphic designer with a recently discovered passion for UI design. Until now, she’s worked in a marketing agency, drawing digital illustrations as a full-timer. A restrained, tired, and bored full-timer. That’s why now she’s going freelance to craft UI mockups with independence, variety, and self-care as priorities. 

Sarah wants to collaborate with international clients and invoice them legally. She can either register a company and use invoicing tools or opt for the best alternative – a platform that will do it on her behalf and take over all the formalities.

The latter would mean she doesn’t have to cope with admin tasks such as setting up a legal entity, ensuring VAT compliance, or drafting contracts, as well as bear with accounting overhead.

She decided to use a platform designed for people like her, where she can quickly and easily send tax invoices to businesses and collect payments securely – no matter what country her client lives in. Like many other freelancers seeking the most reliable, user and budget-friendly tool, she’s comparing Useme vs. Xolo. Here’s what she’s got:

Useme and Xolo compared


Feature Useme Xolo
First deal for free Yes – after completing your freelance profile No
Demo mode Yes – for everyone Yes – only for users with accounts
Escrow service Yes No
Copyright transfer Yes – as a part of the invoicing process No info
Marketplace jobs more than 20k very few
Online invoice generator Yes Yes
Automated VAT calculations Yes Yes
Online contract Yes Yes
Account setup documents no need to provide ID card, NIE or TIE
Payment methods Wise, Payoneer, PayPal, personal bank account personal bank account, card
Payment collection time 80% withdrawals within 24 hrs 1 working day
Customer support
  • a reliable and proactive team of specialists who support and help freelancers from Monday to Friday
  • available via live chat, helpline, and email
  • repeatedly mentioned in positive Trustpilot reviews
available via email or live chat from Monday to Friday
Global coverage 190 countries 168 countries
Freelance users 107k+ 130k+
Trustpilot rating 4.6 4.2
Trustpilot reviews 850+ 250+
Service fee 4.99% and never more than €99 monthly 5.9%


Useme vs. Xolo – key takeaways

Do you also need a freelance toolkit to handle global invoicing from A to Z without red tape headaches and company-related costs? If choosing the best platform seems overwhelming, focus on crucial features that make a great freelancing service:

How long does it take to send a client invoice?

Don’t put extra mental effort into operational tasks, such as invoicing clients and collecting payments. Instead, choose a simple but efficient platform to create invoices in a flash.

On Useme, opening an account takes minutes. You can start settling a deal first and your account will be set up automatically. Four simple steps, three minutes – that’s all it takes. You can use the platform whether you collaborate with individuals, small business owners, or big corporations.

When will your payment arrive?

You don’t want to worry about late payments. To keep your cash flow on a wave, pick a freelance service with a short payment collection time. Also, pay attention to available alternatives to traditional bank transfers, such as Wise or PayPal, to avoid extra currency conversion fees.

How do you know if what the company stated on its website adds up? Check other freelancers’ opinions. Useme’s Trustpilot page shows that payments arrive fast – 80% come within 24 hours. Plus, our customer service takes care of every overdue invoice.

Who’s going to support you on the way?

Having a competent, friendly, and accommodating assistant who answers all your questions and shows you the easiest path to your destination is crucial. You’ll find them among the Customer Success team in Useme. Quick and substantive replies are our priority – we answer most queries within 24 hours.

Drop us a line or visit our exhaustive Help Center to learn more about financial transactions and online payments via Useme, our invoicing tool, supported currencies, payout time, and many more!

Useme vs. Xolo – try it yourself!

Useme is available for a trial run in a demo mode. It’s a copy of our invoicing process, including mailing, with a fictional company and job. You’ll see that it’s not just an invoicing software but your ongoing support in growing your freelance business.

However, to make the most out of Useme and access all features, it’s best to set up a free account. If you complete your freelancer profile afterward, we’ll grant you a free deal! Use it to take a new lease on your freelance career.

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