The future jobs for freelancers are not endangered. A lot of work is expected

Published on 2018-04-23 by Marcin Nieweglowski.

Fortunately, dear freelancers and remote workers, you shouldn’t fear that you will be displaced by robots. You won’t be out of the loop.

In spite of encroaching into many fields of technology which will deliver promising opportunities, there are too many sinister vibes related to this progression. The future of tomorrow is demonstrated as a gloomy reality which can be really daunting. It’s not true, however. Even if some estimations clearly outline an impact of technology advancement (roughly 30% banking jobs could be disappeared by AI within next 5-10 years), it doesn’t mean smart and automation solutions won’t generate addition workplaces.

Currently, most popular freelance skills are divided into three groups. One of them comprises technical professions (SEO, software/ web development). Another segment belongs to creative services (copywriting, digital photography, graphic design, computer-aided design, video editing, social media management). The last one is tied to management tasks (compliance management). As the market is changing rapidly these days, these demands will be outdated, sooner or later. There’s no a way out.

So what would be next? According to Jeremy Bailenson, a founding director of the Virtual Human Interaction Lab at Stanford University, remote work will be ubiquitous thanks to VR-driven solutions. This assumption has discontented us, though. So as being argus-eyed watchers, we dug out an enormous part of the internet to find the most accurate, comprehensive and fulfilled answers to this issue.

Don’t afraid about the future for your career, in general. Let’s look at the bright side of technology aftermath. Hope below compilation of the most rational and reasonable professions for a freelance market, which will be on demand in the next few years, could shift your view from the one full of threats to brimmed to the excitement due to countless challenges which are forthcoming. Thus, you still have time to prepare yourself for revolution led by robots and AI. Don’t waste it.

Age Facilitator
Remote teams are no longer attributed to youth force. They have become of more diverse in terms of age. To make a great team, some hurdles should be overcome. Basically, they’re related to different mentality represented by each generation (X, Y, Z). For these reasons, remote teams will charge a facilitator to find out a common ground for their members aged ranging from 20 to 60 and older. Additionally, his or her aim will be ti develop and uphold master and apprentice relationship in a remote environment.

Autonomous Transportation Specialist
When Internet of Things and AI solutions are ubiquitous, business will require a novel professionals to supervise driverless cars, drones and Hyperloops. As everything will be hyper-connected (the internet will become like electricity), these works will be executed remotely.

Chatbot Coach
For last few years, this interactive agent has come a long way from being a simple yes/no machine to an intelligent and self-taught entity. You can stumble upon it when you want to book a holiday for your family, seeking for help or advice in customer support or when you would like to compare some car insurances. It’s very useful. However, chatbot needs a personal trainer who understands natural language processing and can leverage it to improve the intelligence of an agent. Psychology won’t perish, in other words.

Customer Experience Consultant
Nowadays, online commerce constantly increases its influence on the global economy. In the USA, it spectacularly drives logistics sector. The era of Amazon and Alibaba dominance is approaching inexorably. So after a price war, competition will be focused on conceiving fresh ways to entice customers. As WSJ distinguished recently, more and more companies are deeply feeling the necessity for 21st-century polymath salesman.

Data Analyst Specialist
According to the major tech observers, big data is a new oil. However, companies are faced with having to deal with a growing amount of unsorted data. That means tomorrow’s business success is its dependent. Not to plunge into years of stagnation, companies should realise that they urgently need people who can tackle this obstacle by taking advantage of a big data potential.

Data Hygienist
His or her role will be related to delivering “clear” - deprived of prejudice, superstition and bias - data to train and advance AI systems. People will reserve a subjective point of view as a genuine human value.

Digital Guardian
A dark side of ongoing digital diffusion is lurking threats regarding cybercrime (internet fraud, online reputational damage, identity theft). Business, along with ordinary people, started to express serious concerns about their privacy. Interestingly enough, a market for managing online risk will create a set of brand-new professions. Digital guardians will turn into the bodyguards for digital businesses and online influencers.

Emoji Translator
Although many languages are fading away, image communication enjoys a new boom. It’s becoming a completely new lingua franca especially accustomed by young people around the world. Internet users tap digital icons of smiley faces, cats and hearts more than 6 billion times every single day. While the number of emoji and its variety is in proliferation, the language is pretty complicated. People will call for its explanation.

Ephemeral Historian
Temporary conversation and short-lived content are distinct signs of how we communicate these days. A story as a format is here to stay, whether we like it or not. It’s available probably everywhere: on Snapchat, on Instagram and on Facebook. To achieve the greatest moments in people’s life, companies will employ someone who’s accountable to save these elusive moments. What’s more, it’s not related to a personal sphere. Due to a climate change, some unique environments are vanishing. An ephemeral historian will take care of remembering human roots, past and heritage.

On a par with an Emoji Translator, this profession is an outcome of the way how we communicate in the digital world. Similarly to a media planner in marketing, memesplanner will arrange advertising campaign based on contagious cultural symbols, practices and ideas on the internet.

Media Remixer
Let’s imagine a person who shuffles and reconflates sounds, the image along video content leveraging possibilities lays in augmented and virtual reality. It could be a DJ, VJ and filmmaker in one.

Data-driven opportunities will emerge for creatives. A new field for interior designers will come forth too. He/ she will be accountable for bringing back our favourite decades (from childhood for example) into homes.

Productivity Consultant
A person who will support companies to improve their workforce-fueled efficiency by analyzing a huge amount of data and then provide some proposals to be implemented among the employees. Optimization, at first!

Robot/ AI Behavioral Specialist
As machines progressively become more intelligent and smart, their self-consciousness will rise. It will cause the establishment of brand-new profession in psychology field to explain and oversee a relationship between humans and robots. For example, a company may hire these independent consultants for advise and indicate which AI-based business moves are rightful taking into account moral and social implications.

Robot Psychologist
The responsibility for helping robots to get along with the mankind will be on their shoulders. Thanks to their efforts, a dark vision showed in Terminator movie will remain a form of artistic expression. Don’t ever believe in dystopian future. This peaceful coexistence will be something obvious.

Simplicity Pundits
"Less means more" will come back to the game. These experts will improve our lives and make workspace be much easier and then comfortable. Life hacker as a profession will be legitimized, finally.

Freelance in medicine? Now it sounds quite ridiculous. We suggest you no to ever say “never”, though. A remote surgeons will conduct medical operation being miles away from the patient.

Don’t look at it as an accomplished list of freelance occupations which will be available tomorrow, though. Another part of them is just appearing and they are invisibly building their shapes. Paul Daugherty, chief technology and innovation officer at Accenture, pinpoints two huge groups of professions, which will grow and evolve driven by current technology transition. On the one hand, Paul indicates that the humans will help the machines to improve themselves. New trainers, explainers and sustainers will be valuable. On the other hand, Daugherty argues machines will be a wingman for the humans to amplify decision making or evaluate a risk.

All in all, it sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Still, freelancers will have their hands full. So don’t be afraid of your future.