How to write a good project manager job description + template PDF & Google Docs


13 May 2024
Undoubtedly, project managers are the VIPs of any project within an organization. Understanding their role and responsibilities is a crucial step to hiring the right person for the job. That is why, your project manager job description must be top-notch.

A few lines with listed expectations and a heading saying ‘Looking for a Project Manager’ will simply not do. How to write an appropriate, catching, and effective project manager job description? Read on, and you will never make management mistakes again. Today’s article gives you all the necessary information about the project managers and the recruitment of them. At the end of the article, you will also find a ready project manager job description template to help you attract the right candidates.

What does a project manager do?

A project manager is the top person when it comes to the execution of the project. They plan, organize, and oversee it from start to finish. Their role also involves contact with the stakeholders and ensuring that the project is finalized in line with their vision, budget, and designated timeline. From identifying the project’s goals, objectives, and scope to creating a project plan with outlined tasks, timelines, and required resources, the project manager is a real mastermind who turns ideas into reality.

This, of course, also requires appropriate team management skills, as the plan must be communicated to all team members involved in its implementation. Such an endeavor also requires risk management skills and progress monitoring to ensure that the project stays on track. The work continues after the finalization of the project, as good project managers also assess the project’s success and identify the improvement possibilities for future projects.

What are the responsibilities and duties of a project manager?

Every role entails certain responsibilities. However, as the head of all project operations, the project manager’s duties are practically endless. Below, you can find the description of the most crucial parts of project manager responsibilities that you should consider while creating a job description for this role.

Project idea planning and development

The idea is the start of every endeavor. A project manager’s work starts from the identification of that idea and the subsequent development of a procedure for its implementation. This process must be completed also during an efficient collaboration with external clients and internal stakeholders. Once the client expectations are established, and the project’s scope defined, project managers can move on to the assignment of duties for the team members to execute.

Building and leading the team

To fulfill the client’s vision, a project manager must oversee their team’s work. One of the most crucial responsibilities is gathering a group of people who can work well together to deliver a product that exceeds the client’s expectations. Such management requires also providing adequate guidelines, assistance, coaching, and mentoring if necessary. 

Setting due dates and monitoring project progress

Because a project manager is required to plan and appropriately execute what has been planned, they must continuously scrutinize project progress. Development of an accurate project completion timeline is only effective when activities are completed according to the parameters and on time.

However, some delays and adjustments might happen, especially on the client’s side. That is when project managers must foresee such delays and communicate the changes to the team and the necessity to accommodate the client’s adjustments.

Addressing issues

There is no such thing as a project without issues. The key is to anticipate and appropriately resolve them. Foreseeing potential problems is also a part of the project manager’s job. They can do that effectively because they are the first point of contact for clients as well as the team members in case of any hurdles. Adaptation to changing circumstances and problem-solving skills are major skills in project control maintenance.

One of the most common issues that most of the project teams come across is the necessity to adapt to changing project modifications and deliverables. This is the case with projects that do not have specified scopes at the beginning. This can cause other implications as a change in the timeframe and budget.

Managing budget

Appropriate management of financial resources is another crucial aspect project managers must think of. A good project manager takes proper care of cost-effectiveness and keeping expenses within the estimated budget.

Openness and honesty towards the clients regarding the costs are also a great asset that helps clients anticipate project expenses.

Ensuring stakeholders’ contentment

Project managers are the ones who maintain relationships with the stakeholders during the project execution. Therefore, it is their job to keep them satisfied with all aspects of the cooperation. They must then stay in regular contact, pass on updates as soon as they happen, and be ready for feedback, even if it is not pleasant.

Evaluating project performance

After the completion of the project, the project manager is responsible for the assessment of the process of its execution. This requires an efficient collection of data throughout the whole process and subsequent identification of flaws. On their basis, the managers can prepare plans on how to avoid or resolve similar issues in future endeavors. It is also a time to acknowledge the positive sides of the project execution and the whole team’s hard work. Project managers can also use the reward system for outstanding performance.

To sum up, project manager duties include:

  • preparing a detailed project plan and tracking progress;
  • coordinating the actions of internal resources and third parties/vendors to achieve smooth project execution;
  • preparing project scopes and objectives based on stakeholders’ requirements;
  • managing changes to the scope, schedule, and costs of the project;
  • ensuring timely project delivery within scope and budget;
  • ensuring the technical feasibility of the project execution;
  • allocating resources and ensuring their availability;
  • measuring project performance with the use of specialized techniques, systems, and tools;
  • reporting and escalating issues to management if necessary;
  • managing the relationships with the clients and stakeholders;
  • performing risk management procedures to minimize the risks;
  • establishing and maintaining relationships with third parties and/or vendors;
  • maintaining comprehensive project documentation.

In your job description, remember to include the most crucial aspects of the role as short yet sufficient in information bullet points.

Download project manager job description template – PDF & Word

Project manager job description template – download PDF

Project manager job description template – download Google Docs

Project manager skills

To appropriately fulfill their duties, project managers must be characterized by a set of skills that are essential for appropriate project management and execution. It is imperative to list the required skills in your project manager job description to attract the right candidates. Some of the most important qualities include:

  • excellent communication skills to maintain good relationships with clients stakeholders and team members;
  • immaculate written and verbal communication skills;
  • excellent organizational skills and the ability to multitask;
  • good attention to detail.

Project manager qualifications

It is no mystery that experience is one of the most important assets when it comes to qualifications. However, at the management level, knowledge also plays a crucial role. It can be the most popular qualification, such as a degree from a course of study from a trade school or a university.

Except from a degree, one can also finish project management training and obtain certifications. Two of the most important certifying bodies are PRINCE II and the Project Management Institute (PMI). PMI issues Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, which has become the main certification for project management professionals.

To sum up, the project manager job description may include such qualifications as:

  • solid working knowledge of Microsoft Office;
  • PMP/PRINCE II certification will be an asset; 
  • appropriate educational background (e.g., computer science or engineering for technical projects);
  • working experience as a project administrator in the required sector;
  • sufficient technical background, and experience in software development and technologies.

Other courses and certifications

Apart from the required education level and the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification, other certificate types may turn out to be useful in your search for a perfect project manager.

  • Agile certifications- perfect for roles that involve working in Agile environments, for example, a scrum master, Agile value stream consultant, or Agile certified practitioner;
  • Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP)– useful in the case of project portfolio management roles.
  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)- treated as a preparation for PMP certification; useful when advertising entry-level project manager positions.
  • Program Management Professional (PgMP)- taken into consideration in the case of program manager roles (managing a group of related projects);

Where to find good project managers?

It is natural to instinctively advertise for project manager permanent roles on job sites. However, if you want to find employees it is worth considering hiring a contractor. Why? This form of outsourcing product management is more beneficial to you as an employer. It is less costly and all procedures and documentation connected with it are taken care of by third-party platforms such as Useme. You can post a job ad or browse our database of talented project management professionals. Happy headhunting!


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