In case you’re deadlocked by a lack of idea for next step as freelancer


19 May 2018
From one project to another one, you feel less satisfaction from their completion. This issue is multidimensional. First, because of rising competition in your business field, price does matter, so you gradually tend to earn less. Second, although you’re good at your stuff, clients realized they don’t need your support. Industry undergoes immediate transition. Third, you started feeling that a power in your current craft was run out. So you can’t do what you have loved for last years. Your phase-out made that your professional passion faded out.

You came back to the point when you have to consider picking another change in your career status. This time it’s trickier, though. Hitting the wall or being a dead end – it’s what you feel at the moment. You experience a lack of motivation. Your determination level is dramatically low. Managing your professional development isn’t possible – temporary hopefully. A lookout for the new ship is what express your state of mind. This situation requires handling an entire refresh of previous professional pace.

To cope with it, read and bear in mind a freelance emergency plan below. Treat it as your anti-burnout lifebelt. You will land on your feet, for sure.

Your SWOT is a key

Start off by measuring your potency. Don’t ever think of salting on old wounds because they’re the past. Carry out personal reconnaissance of your professional development, instead. Six thinking hats by de Bono will help you to honestly look at you from different perspectives. I assume there’s some unforseen niche which could be your second wind.

Find help in a networking group

Socializing with like-minded people is a crucial component especially for freelancers. It’s important because we often need to feel motivation force or putting a pressure from someone else. And you will never be left stranded. Thus, in this community, you will always find out someone who will assist you in whistling in the dark.

Meet up with old friends to refresh relationships

When you put the breaks on doing projects, people, whose you know from school or from childhood, will be your helpful advisers. Because they know something like the back of their hand, they can indicate you a set of directions – which you should immediately check out. Although they won’t be after your own heart – you’re the copywriter and your old friend is a lawyer, for example – it’s worth picking someone’s brains, which can to unexpectedly discover a solution for the root of your career’s torments.

Find out people who inspire you outside your professional realm

If you’re deadlocked, you often feel that your hands are tied. Without support, it’s a tough nut to crack what should be your next professional step. While your old friends are far away and meetings at industry group aren’t fruitful, think of involving someone who hasn’t an eye on the main chance. They can be your parents or grandparents who will keep their ear to the ground from the bottom of their heart. It can be your favourite writer (or her/his books) as well.

Take an advantageous break

Don’t lose heart because you present quest still doesn’t provide the desired outcome. Let’s complete changing your view and temporarily forget about our freelance quandary. You can kill two birds with one stone by taking a rest which will give a new life into your career. That’s why people say that travel broadens the mind.

Against all odds, keep in mind that every cloud has a silver lining. You will put a stop to these hurdles, sooner or later.

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