How to be a successful freelancer

Published on 2019-08-26 by useme.
Currently, many people, especially the young ones from the Y generation, look for tips and tricks to quickly get either high fees or salaries. Usually, this comes from media stories about brilliant freelancers earning several thousand a month or start-upers who were taken over for billions of dollars.

However, they do not see the valuable messages hidden in all of these media success stories:

  1. Success does not happen overnight
  2. To earn lavishly or make big money, you need to:
    • feverishly work hard
    • have proper competences and skills,
    • offer a unique product or service
    • having a bit of good luck never hurts

Therefore, do not try to choose tasks, assignments or follow a career path just because it is well paid. If you want to build a stable income as a freelancer and survive on the market for more than a few months and eventually get big money, choose a job that you are passionate about. Find something that makes you excited, stimulates your development and challenges you. Learning to be patient won’t hurt either. It will take some time before you start earning really good money as a freelancer.

Remember, it is passion and desire that will make you better at what you do. Thanks to that you will improve both your skills and level of competence as well. Ultimately, it will lead you to earn more than you have ever dreamed of.