15 best places for a workation in Serbia


31 May 2023
In recent years, combining work and vacation, known as "workation," has gained popularity among professionals, including freelancers.

If you’re considering a workation destination for at least a few weeks, Serbia offers a wealth of options. With its rich history, natural beauty, affordable living costs, and modern amenities, Serbia presents an ideal environment for remote work.

Let’s explore the 20 best places for a successful workation in Serbia, where you can immerse yourself in work while indulging in the charms of a new country.


For the city dwellers

Belgrade is the capital city of Serbia and blends historical landmarks with a vibrant atmosphere. Coworking spaces like Nova Iskra and Impact Hub provide a productive environment with a strong internet connection.

Enjoy walks along the Danube River and experience the city’s lively nightlife in a medium-term workation.

Novi Sad is known as Serbia’s cultural capital, as it offers a blend of work-friendly environments mentioned earlier and cultural experiences.

Visiting the historic Petrovaradin Fortress and seeing the lasting impact of the second world war, coworking spaces like HUB387 provide an inspiring backdrop for workation with less pressure but also a high potential for learning something new for successful digital nomads.

Niš has affordable living costs and friendly locals, as it is an emerging place for working remotely. Explore the city’s rich history of the ethnic Serbs, visit the Niš Fortress, and find tranquility while working from the numerous cafes with free Wi-Fi to do your remote work.

15 best places for a workation in serbia 4 15 best places for a workation in Serbia


For the work-life balance-oriented

Sremski Karlovci is a historic town near Novi Sad, which offers a serene workation experience. Surrounded by vineyards and boasting charming architecture, this town provides a peaceful environment conducive to focus and creativity for either a short-term workation or long-term workations.

Vršac is a great place for a vacation, as it is a charming town surrounded by vineyards and hills, which also provides a peaceful workation setting. Take breaks to explore Vršac Tower, visit local wineries, and spend time savoring delicious regional cuisine.

Vrnjačka Banja, is the most famous spa town in Serbia. What else is even necessary to say? It blends work and relaxation effortlessly, and generally, you can work from spa hotels with excellent facilities, rejuvenate in thermal pools, explore beautiful parks during your breaks, and establish a new standard for working conditions.


For the lovers of serenity

Zlatibor is a picturesque mountain region, which offers a serene experience for even a long-term workation. The combination of natural beauty, cozy wooden cabins, and tranquil surroundings ensures a productive yet rejuvenating stay for a successful workation.

Fruska Gora overviews a serene mountain range, is known for its fewer distractions, with monasteries and vineyards. Experience the tranquility of nature that many countries would love to enjoy, while working from cozy guesthouses, and reward yourself with wine tastings and monastery visits for increased productivity.

Kruševac, with its rich history and cultural heritage, offers an immersive workation experience for the business-oriented vacation. Work from local cafes or the recently established coworking spaces, and explore the nearby area with a medieval fortress and museums during breaks.


For the nature-explorers

Valjevo is literally surrounded by mountains and rivers, and it provides a picturesque backdrop for your workation so make you prepare your packing list. Take advantage of the city’s emerging coworking spaces for business and enjoy hiking, rafting, and exploring nearby natural attractions for the vacation part.

Užice is located near the Tara National Park in western Serbia and combines work and adventure for either a weekend break, short-term workations, or even medium-term workations.

You can enjoy the natural beauty of the park, try outdoor activities, and find the right tools for inspiration in the picturesque surroundings.

Kopaonik is a jewel nestled in the scenic Serbian mountains, as it is a perfect retreat for nature-loving remote workers. Most countries neighboring Serbia enjoy coming here for fresh air, hiking trails, and ski slopes, so you can do that too, while coworking from spaces like Mokrin House, which provides a conducive work environment and high-speed internet. It’s very close to the border of Kosovo as well.

15 best places for a workation in serbia 1 15 best places for a workation in Serbia


For the hidden-gem seekers:

Ovčar-Kablar Gorge is often called the “Serbian Mount Athos.” This picturesque gorge is dotted with monasteries, nestled among green hills, and the meandering West Morava River is an integral part of finding personal well-being. Set up your workspace in a cozy guesthouse, find inspiration as a person in these peaceful surroundings, and work on your business in the company of nature-oriented people for better work.

Divčibare is located in the heart of the Valjevo Mountains, close to Bosnia, which is a hidden gem known for its fresh mountain air and breathtaking landscapes. This serene destination offers a range of outdoor activities, such as hiking and horseback riding, providing a perfect work-life balance during your stay, but you can also set up an office there for more work and relaxation.

Krupajsko Vrelo is a hidden gem in the Homolje Mountains, fairly close to Romania. This natural wonder of the world features a series of cascading waterfalls and crystal-clear pools. Set up your office amidst nature’s beauty and find inspiration in the soothing sounds of flowing water and the personal lives of the locals.



Whether you prefer vibrant city life or serene mountain retreats, Serbia provides a diverse range of destinations that cater to remote workers’ needs.

Depending on your country of origin, you may need to research a bit digital nomad visas, work permits, special visas, remote work visas, or getting a tourist visa at the very least.

What are you waiting for? Pack your laptop, choose your ideal workation spot, check for a good internet connection, and experience the perfect balance of work and serenity in Serbia.


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