Unlock the freedom of remote work: explore the best countries for digital nomads


8 April 2023
Ready to make your digital nomad dreams a reality? Get ready to explore some of the world's most exciting destinations while working remotely from paradise. Our blog provides all the details you need to know about the application process and requirements,.

25% of all professional jobs in North America will be remote by the end of 2022, and remote opportunities will continue to increase through 2023, according to Ladders. Working from home has many benefits, like saving transportation costs, commuting time, greater flexibility, and a better work–life balance. Besides working from home, people can also choose to work from other countries. Remote work visas offer the possibility for people to enjoy the country while working remotely. 

What is a remote work visa?

A remote work visa or digital nomad visa allows a person to stay in a foreign country for up to one year while working remotely for a foreign company. It usually lasts longer than tourist visas. A visa for digital nomads is usually easier to get than a permanent residence permit. If you plan to stay longer in a country, a digital nomad visa is a useful option for you.

More and more countries are proposing attractive digital nomad visas. It helps the country’s local economy while allowing someone to work remotely in new surroundings. There are some additional requirements that the person has to fulfill to apply for the visa. The requirement is vary from country to country for example, valid health insurance before traveling, applicant, etc. The list below shows ten interesting locations for remote workers to try out the digital nomad lifestyle.


Hungary has more than 1300 thermal water springs. Budapest is also known for wine and many festivals. It has more accessible income requirements than other countries with digital nomad visa programs. The minimum monthly income is €2000. There are no local taxes for people who stay less than 183 days. With Hungary digital nomads visa, you can travel freely in the Schengen zone. Non-EU citizens can also stay in Hungary with a nomad residence permit.

Conditions to apply for the digital nomad visa

  • You are not a citizen of an EU or EEA country
  • You will work by using telecommunications technology
  • You work remotely for a company from another country
  • The minimum income requirement is €2,000 monthly, proven by a bank account statement
  • Valid passport
  • A facial photograph less than three months old
  • Proving the existence of comprehensive health insurance
  • The documents must be sent to any consular office of Hungary or any authorized place for processing residence permits in the country where the applicant is a permanent resident. This process must be done offline. You can visit this site to get more information.


Thailand is famous for its great massages, beautiful beaches, and exciting nightlife in bigger cities. The cost of living in Thailand is affordable, and the cost of living index is 40.7. Digital nomads often choose Thailand. One of the cities, Chiang Mai, is often called the digital nomad capital of the world. The internet is stable and with good speed, up to 225.17 Mbps for broadband which allows efficient remote working. Thailand’s digital nomad visa program works very efficiently, and you can start the process online. Also, they offer a reasonable tax rate for digital nomad visa holders. If your income is greater than $140,000, then you will need to pay 17% income tax instead of the usual 35%.

Conditions to apply for the digital nomad visa

  • Passport with copies and additional photo

  • The processing fee is almost $2760. This process requires up to 30 working days

  • Health and travel insurance

  • Proof of employment with an annual income of at least $80,000

  • The process can be started online here

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is another attractive Caribbean island open to foreign nationals. This place is quickly growing as the go-to place for remote workers. It has an incredibly low tax level, with only 4% of income tax. People in Puerto Rico speak Spanish and English. Make it easy for most travelers to communicate. Puerto Rico also offers temporary resident visas.

Conditions to apply for the digital nomad visa

  • Provide proof of valid passport

  • Current email and electronic form filled out

  • For more information, visit this site

Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde is a whole archipelago in the Central Atlantic Ocean made of many volcanic islands. It’s a tropical paradise that requires a lot of time to see all its beauty. Cabo Verde is a great place for water sports. Many sites provide lessons and equipment, while the views and waters around the islands offer excellent areas for snorkeling.

Interestingly, most places accept only cash, but there are many ATMs for withdrawing money. The digital nomad visas there are called Cabo Verde Remote Worker Program, valid for only six months. But can be renewed after staying longer.

Conditions to apply for the digital nomad visa

  • The official digital nomad visa for Cabo Verde is available to people from Europe, North America, the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP), and the Economic Community of West African States (CEDEAO)

  • A valid passport is required

  • The bank account for the last six months must have at least €1500 balance

  • Health and travel insurance proof with coverage for evacuation and body transportation in case of your death is another requirement

  • You can start by filling out the application on this site

digital nomad visa


Malta is a small island nation in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s sunny with warm temperatures. Even during winter, the average is 20°C. Malta has a good variety of buses, taxis, bolt, and scooters for sightseeing. Malta is a popular location for big-budget productions for example, Gladiator, World War Z, and Game of Thrones. One advantage of staying in Malta for digital nomads is that they don’t have to pay taxes other than those in the country of their employers.

Conditions to apply for the digital nomad visa

  • You need to fill out few application forms

  • Letter of intent to come to Malta

  • Documentation of self-employment

  • Local or international health insurance coverage

  • Bank statement

  • Health insurance proof

  • To apply for the digital nomad visa, you must submit the documents to any consular office of Malta. Or an authorized place for processing residence permits in the country where you are a permanent resident. All information can be found on Malta’s official website.


Tourists and digital nomads are both flowing to Brazil. It has many rainforests and the Amazon river, the second-longest river in the world. Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo are the best cities for remote workers. The cost of living in Brazil is average. If you don’t like working during cold winters, Brazil will be excellent for its many beaches and warm climate. For people staying in Brazil, the carnival is a must-see. It occurs between February and March. The parades, music, and beautiful costumes make it one of the best festivals in the world.

Conditions to apply for the digital nomad visa

  • You must prove that your income comes from sources outside Brazil through employment or service contracts

  • The minimum income requirement is at least $1,500 a month as proven in the bank statement

  • You need proof of health insurance valid in Brazil and submit a criminal clearance certificate

  • To apply, you need to go to a Brazilian embassy or consulate. Then submit the required documents


Romania is another excellent destination for digital nomads. Romania has many exciting attractions like Dracula’s castle and the highest wooden church in Europe. The area is full of hills and plains with lush forests. Traveling around the country is easy with an extensive train network. For remote workers, Romania has an additional advantage – it has faster internet than the United States!

Conditions to apply for the digital nomad visa

  • Proof of self-employment

  • Medical insurance that is valid in Romania for the whole duration of the stay

  • Document stating that you have a place to live in Romania

  • A letter of intention has to state the purpose of your travel to Romania and the activities you will be performing in the country

  • You can apply directly through the Romanian embassy or online through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs official website

Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is an Island in the Caribbean. Some people call it the most beautiful island in this archipelago. It’s an excellent place for a vacation, full of friendly people and incredible scenery. For digital nomads, it’s a great place if they want a relaxing living place. The island has good airport connections with the territory of the US, the UK, and Canada giving nice traveling opportunities for people who work remotely. For people looking for a unique experience, try Sulphur Springs, the only drive-in volcano in the world. It’s definitely a place worth checking out.

Conditions to apply for the digital nomad visa

  • Proof of hotel/private accommodation in Saint Lucia

  • A means to return to the port of origin

  • Paying the visa fee of $70.30 for a multiple entry visa. The single-entry one visa fee is lower

  • Proof of employment in a foreign country

  • Proof of health insurance coverage

  • You need to complete the form and send it to the Immigration Department. This has to be done at least two weeks before the travel


Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, is a place for people looking for a big city to live in. The town has a modern subway system that covers most of the city. People there also love to ride bicycles, so moving around is accessible. Because of the excellent living conditions, Taiwan is among the most densely populated islands in the world. The internet speed in Taiwan is 154.89 Mbps, and the mobile internet speed is 96.97 Mbps allowing for perfect conditions to work remotely.

Conditions to apply for the digital nomad visa

  • Proof of employment and at least $5,700 average monthly income

  • Working in one of the eight different fields, which are: architecture, culture, and arts, economy, education, finance, law, national defence, science & technology, and sport

  • You need an account on the online platform online platform

  • Make digital copies of the required documents to be uploaded to the platform

  • Pay the application fee, depending on nationality and stay duration, ranging from $100 to $310


Turkey is a country with a lot of cultures and different traditions. It’s an exciting mix of European and Islamic cultures. The country offers optimal conditions for location-independent business. Turkey has a lot of places to sightsee; it has over 80,000 Mosques. For main attractions, Turkey has Hagia Sophia, one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. Cappadocia valleys are breathtaking formations of rocks with a city around it. The minimum income to show is meager, only $550 per month.

Conditions to apply for the digital nomad visa

  • A Digital nomad visa is issued for EU and non-EU/EEA citizens, with several exceptions

  • The digital nomad visa is valid for up to a year with the possibility of an extension

  • The price for the digital nomad visa depends on how long you will stay. The first month costs $8.75. For each extra month, the price increases by $2.60. To those costs additional $12 is added for the printing fee.

  • Through the visa E-portal

Those are some countries with digital nomad visas. With the visa, you can enjoy the country while working remotely. Choose a country, prepare the applicant, and you are ready to go!


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