New Payouts in Useme: quicker and easier payments


16 November 2022
In Useme, you can get paid in euros (EUR), American dollars (USD), British pounds (GBP), and Polish złoty (PLN). We know some of you get paid in two or more currencies, so we are introducing new Payouts. From now on, you can set a different payout method for every currency.

How can you get your payment?


You can set the payouts to go to:

  • your bank account
  • your Revoult account
  • straight to your credit/debit card


Bank account


If you want the payout to go to your bank account, you simply need to put your IBAN and BIC/SWIFT number in the Payouts tab.

IBAN is your international bank account number. It starts with the location code – NL for the Netherlands, RO for Romania, EE for Estonia, etc. You will find your IBAN, BIC, and SWIFT numbers on your bank’s website. 

Double-check what account you set for each currency. If, for example, you add a EUR account to USD, the bank will exchange the money with their (usually unfavorable) rate.

How quickly you get your payment depends on your bank.




To get your payout on your Revolut account, connect it with Useme by phone number.  That’s all we need.

You should get your Revolut payout within a few hours.


Transfer to your debit/credit card


We can send the money straight to your card. This type of transfer avoids bank accounting systems, making it faster.


To set the payouts to your card, you need to:

  • set the currency,
  • put the card number,
  • put the details of the card’s owner.


We do not need the CVV or expiration date.


Payouts in your local currency


Thanks to the transfers to your credit/debit card, you can get the payout in your local currency. You don’t need an account in the currency of the deal.

We still won’t be able to issue an invoice in your local currency. The exchange rate will depend on the transfer’s operator (for example, Wise or Payoneer).


How to set your payout method?


Remember, you can set a different method for each currency. To do so, go to Profile settings -> Payouts and choose the currency you want to set. 

Then choose how you want to get your money – to the bank account, Revolut account, or a card transfer), add the necessary details, and save the changes.

From this moment on, we will use this method to transfer your money to your chosen currency.


General rules about payouts in Useme


We will send your money within 24 hours from the deal’s closure (on working days). We make payouts with each deal.

A closed deal is one where:

  • your client accepted the work,
  • you uploaded the copyright transfer protocol (if you chose this option).


If you’re missing any documents, we will email you. Check your inbox regularly. We will message you when we send your payout as well.

Once we send your money, the time when you get your payout depends on the receiving end (your bank, Revolut, etc.). If you have questions, check our Help Center or contact us directly at

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