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Kraj: Ukraina

Lokalizacja: Warszawa, PL

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I'm a UI/UX designer with a background in marketing. Therefore, I know how to create a conscious design. I believe good work starts with research and ends with usability testing. I create a visual based on information, not just my empathy. I used to measure user experience by Google Analytics, Hotjar.

I'm a perfectionist, I like to create at least a UI-kit or a design system to organize all the elements. I use components and variants to systematize my work well. It helps me in my work and makes easier life for developers. I have experience in Polish company, I was working as a UI/UX, graphic, web designer. I used to communicate in English in professional area. I was involved in work process with marketing and product departments.

My work experience:

  • landing pages
  • web & mobile app design
  • brand identity & redesign for digital content
  • key visuals for product lines
  • working with video
  • сreating rich content for products
  • email newsletter design

CV / Résumé

Sty 2023 - Sty 2024

UI/UX designer


Conducting market research, UX-audit, creating Landing pages, Mobile & Web applications, Motion design, campaigns for digital promotion.

Sty 2022 - Gru 2022

UI/UX, web, graphic design


Creating landing pages, Motion design, Rich content for products, Mobile app design, Brand identity, Redesign for digital content (SMM, banners for site), Email newsletter design, Key visuals for product lines, Packaging design, Outdoors posters

Paź 2020 - Lut 2022

Marketing designer


Website traffic analysis (Google Analytics, call tracking). UI/UX design (internal website for employees, Wix), Usability testing (Hotjar). Web-design (targeting, GDN, website banners). Graphic design (outdoor ad, polygraphy, merch).

Lip 2018 - Wrz 2020

Marketing specialist


Creating ad campaigns & adaptation campaigns of SPAR International. SMM on Instagram, Facebook (posts, targeting). Calculation and reporting on shares. Graphic design (POSM, stickers for TM, outdoor). Concept for mobile app.


Portfolio item Litiluism I Mobile app for learning runes

Litiluism — the 1st interactive rune learning app. Software is dedicated for transliterating and understanding runes for everybody whose seeking accurate and accessible resource. Users could learn & practice 5 rune alphabets, 111 symbols in one app.

Portfolio item — is a mobile application. I have been working with the design team to create the concept of an application for organizing the volunteering process. In one account, a person can ask for or provide help.

Portfolio item Full portfolio

Here are all the projects I'm proud of. UI/UX, Web, Motion and Graphic design. Check it and text me if you want to create projects like this!

Portfolio item Ecomfy — brand identity

Ecomfy is pet products made with natural materials, recycled blends and recycled raw materials. It is a safe alternative in the market of pet products, an opportunity to cause less harm to nature.

Portfolio item Slovo — e-commerce for bookstore

Slovo — online bookstore concept. There are paper books, audio- and e-books available. Platform allows user to create personal account where people could collect favorite books, watch purchased books.

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  • Zlecę redesign UX+UI mojej aplikacji na Androida, aby była bardziej intuicyjna i estetyczna. Projekt powinien zawierać co najmniej: * wszystkie istniejące funkcjonalności aplikacji * mock screenshoty ze wszystkimi szczegółami (rozmiary marginesów itp.) * w idealnym przypadku - alternatywne układy dla różnych rozmiarów i orientacji urządzeń * czcionki dostępne na licencji publicznej Obecnie aplikacja jest zaimplementowana w React Native, ale rozważam przepisanie jej na natywną aplikację na Androida, więc nowy projekt mógłby wykorzystywać albo Material Design, albo niestandardowe komponenty. App: Source code: