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Kraj: Ukraine

Lokalizacja: Zaporizhzhia

Na Useme od 15 sierpnia 2022

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We are here to bring all the innovative ideas to life by creating high-quality, well-designed, reliable, and easy-to-use solutions. Solid Solutions is a Ukrainian Zaporizhzhia-based custom software development agency with a multitude of successfully completed international projects.

Our agency's aim is to develop unique products tailored to the requirements of each particular client. We put our heart and soul into understanding the real needs of our customers.

Our goal is to create high-quality, well-designed, reliable, and easy-to-use solutions.

The agency creates landing pages, promo sites, corporate sites, product catalogs, CMR systems, ERP systems, showcases and galleries, thematic portals, news sites, social networks, blogs, SaaS applications, and much more. We highly appreciate our cooperation with the clients. We work hard to ensure our products promote their businesses and help achieve the best results in advertising, automatization, and management.


Vehicle Logistics Web Application

Vehicle Logistics Web Application


A web application that connects overloaded law firms with those which have not enough cases.

Educational Web Application in the Arabic Language

The site is in responsive style and works seamlessly on all PC and Mobile platforms and screen sizes. Control Panel allows managing editors and adding various types of content, areas, ready-made objects, and pages. RTL layouts are applied because t


This project is a platform that enables fast and efficient communication between the authorities and the citizens. We used the RTL layouts for the Hebrew and Arabic languages.

Football fan blog-/booking

Football fan blog-/booking platform

Precious Metals Trading Application

We've developed a precious metals trading platform with detailed analytics and financial tools.