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Kraj: Ukraina

Lokalizacja: Одесса, UA

Na Useme od 10 stycznia 2023

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Hello, I am a web designer for more than a year on the CMS Tilda, working with Figma as well as with PaintShore, on the excellent work in the zeroblock and also with sbs animation, as well as working with html code and css styles. I propose to implement in the CMS Tilda, as a very convenient admin panel, after running the project, you can edit, add products on their own, without hiring a specialist We will make not just a simple adaptive, and adaptive, convenient, intuitive mobile version of your project.


Css Html Html5 Sklep internetowy Strona www


Portfolio item Beauty salon Elata

Website development for beauty salon Elata, design is developed from scratch in Figma, after consulting with the customer and making changes to the design colors and fonts, transferred the layout in the Tildа

Portfolio item The KRUSH

Web site development for a center of fintech THE KRUSH, the basis are the standard blocks, integrated online payment, as well as email newsletter, the development period of 8 days

Portfolio item Astrologer Natalia Nazarova

Mokup on CMS Tilda by the finished layout in Figma, makeup adaptive to desktop and mobile devices at the request of the customer, makeup time 1 day

Portfolio item Business Training Center

Development of a landing page for the center of business-training, the design is developed from scratch, the customer's references, development time of 3 days, the work was done in advance, the terms agreed


Development of a multi-page site for the Center for intensive perception of information, design in figma including mobile adaptation, coordination with the customer, the transfer of the layout in tilde inclusive adaptive version of the site

Portfolio item Lidiya Zeydan

Creating an additional page for Lydia Zeidan's site, the design does not differ from the general styles, the work took 2 days, the work was done in the pre-agreed time, the customer is satisfied

Portfolio item API

Development of a web site to teach the creation of bots based on the Python programming language, development time 3 days

Portfolio item Dimchevroman

Beautiful, understated portfolio landing page in a minimalist style, the design as well as the layout took 7 days

Portfolio item Get in crypto

Development of a landing from scratch, designing the layout in figma, after coordination with the customer transfer layout on CMS Tilda. Basic setup SEO Development time 4 days

Portfolio item Colonzo

Makeup multi-page site by layout, working period of 15 days, the site is implemented on CMS Tilda