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Kraj: Polska

Lokalizacja: Toruń, PL

Na Useme od 20 marca 2016

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I study finance and accounting on daily basis on best economic university in Poland. My studies are fully covered in english, in meantime I have studied in London and Singapoe, therefore I can say I feel very comfortable in english language, especially in business-related topics. Since three years I have been working and receiving positive references for my job for reliability and the quality of it. At the beginning it was mostly administrative work (creation of database), but with time I was also doing such things as equity and debt analysis - financial modeling, businessplans, financial analysis.

I am esthete and I appriciate good quality graphics, well-made presentations and proper layouts for sites. I am not a professional at this field, but with tools, programmes and amatour experience I gained throughout years of self-learning, I am able to create well-looking documents, especially covered of MS Office programme. I am not a graphic designer, but I might be helpful and cheaper in smalller cases, which dont require highly specialized IT skills, rather than photoshop, creativeness and "good eye".