Симеон Гайтанджиев

Zarejestrowany: 2020-10-19
София, Bułgaria
UMIEJĘTNOŚCI: adobe illustratoradobe indesignadobe photoshopfotografiafotografia biznesowafotografia modyfotografia plenerowafotografia produktowafotografia ślubnaportretretusz

I'm a professional photographer based in Sofia, Bulgaria. I graduated the Bulgarian National academy of Theatre and Film arts in 2018 with the highest grades for my Gumoil and Carbon print exhibition which you can see in my profile. I've been practicing professional photography for +7 years now and im an expert in the art form and also in photo editing. The most characteristic thing about my art is the fact that i don't like colorful and happy genres of photos like sunsets, flowers and butterflies. I prefer to document dark, dirty, old and forgotten buildings and make them look interesting to the public. My skills aren't only limited to urbex photography, I also have a lot of experience with product and portrait photography behind my back.

Foodpanda and Mangi i Piangi food truck

Wine advertising photos

Лого на фирма Super Storage Heroes

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