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We are looking for a UI / UX designer with multiple years of experience and multiple projects in the UI-design of web applications.

The scope of the project is to polish the design of our web app: https://devitjobs.uk

Our goal is to improve the existing UI and not to re-build it from scratch.

We are NOT looking for rebranding or designing new graphics, but rather to polish the existing interface to make it look & feel more professional.

In the offer message, please add a link to your portfolio and list at least 3 website projects with complex UI where you worked on.

Request for a quote for the month of work for the declared number of hours.

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In this project: - discussing the existing state of the UI on devitjobs.uk and setting the project work scope - researching other sites to benchmark - preparing a coherent UI design system (including both desktop and mobile (responsive) versions) - reviewing the design after implementation by our team

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Projektant, UI & UX Designer

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Filip Wierzbiański

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Anna Kovalenko

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Łukasz Bieniasz

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