Zuzanna Rogala

Zuzanna Rogala

Joined on: 2020-03-20
Katowice, Poland
SKILLS: articlecopywritingeditingenglishfacebookmusicproduct descriptionservice descriptiontext editingtranslationvideo editingvideo editing

I am a DJ/aspiring producer based in Katowice and/or Kraków - the decision is not final yet. When it comes to my career, I chose music over writing, which is my second passion. My job and life have been linked to partying for a couple of years now, yet due to coronavirus situation, I've decided to start remote work.

Demo - DJ Szoszana

Demo mix put together for promotion and presentation purposes.

https://www.mixcloud.com/djshoshana-fakegypsy/tour-de-mish-mash-1/ download:

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