Wsparcie Graficzne

Wsparcie Graficzne

Joined on: 2021-01-11
Brodnica, Poland

Yoooo ! I'm Patrick, I am graphic designer, I graduated 2 degrees IT Master Engineer of Multimedia and Fine Arts licentiate. I skate since 2004, I do surfing and snowboarding, during my studies I sang at professional choir and traveled through the world, I also write my own music based on acoustic instruments, to inspire myself I use all of senses ! I passed exams and finished two years of Acting and Classical Singing in Music Academy. Living full life :D I like to draw, create, I like to help somebody and do something useful ! :D Greeeetiiingggsss :D

Adway BQ Olstinensis

My project of original yoghurt Fruit Jaaazz ! :D You eat and youu reelaaax ! :D

Colibra Football School Warsaw

Meet Adaś ! Character created for 11 paged story used in webpage of academy of football in Warsaw !

Logo Propolsky Silvercraft

Logo made for my very good friend company Propolsy Silvercraft silver and gold historic jewellery. Set contain different versions of logo, buissness card, banners for social media and elegant label for jewellery.

Jedwabista Zmiana Buissness Card

Buissness card for visage studio Jedwabista Zmiana, beside card were made set of vouchers.

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