Wiktor Łucka - Fotografia

Wiktor Łucka - Fotografia

Joined on: 2020-02-03
Śrem, Poland
SKILLS: advertising photographybusiness photographye-marketingoutddor photographyphotographyportraitretouchwebsite administrationwedding photography

Photographer freelancer of choice :-) Photography has been my passion for several years. There is nothing better than a combination of passion and work - then you feel that what you do really makes sense!

Fotografia ślubna

Welcome to the world of wedding photography! This is probably one of the most pleasant fields of photography for a photographer. It is here that you meet the photographer as a professional who will capture the right moment and save it in his memory card, and then share with you these wonderful memories. Here you will meet a professional photographer who, with his experience and knowledge, will be watching over you on such an important day as your guardian angel - he will serve good advice and introduce a friendly and pleasant atmosphere so that you can focus on experiencing this wonderful day as beautifully as possible! I invite you to my world of wedding photography ...


Fotografia okolicznościowa

Welcome to the world of special events! It's almost the same shelf as wedding reports, but I decided to devote a separate gallery to this. Baptisms, anniversaries, holy communions, 18th birthday party, all anniversaries and other important family events - if you organize such an event, make sure it stays not only in your memory - after all, the ephemeral memory is and it can happen that we don't remember everything ... .. ;-)


Fotografia produktowa

Product photography - NEW!

From this year I make products photography. Photograph of small and medium-sized objects using a white background. Pictures for brochures, catalogs and websites etc.

Fotografia sportowa

As sport is a big part of my life story, there can be no other option for me not to do sports photography. In this gallery you will find photos from various sporting events. I invite you to the world of sports photography!


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