Verba Press

Verba Press

Joined on: 2020-09-15
Łopuszka Wielka, Poland

As a team of professional writers, we do believe in the power of words. We conjoin knowledge, passion, long standing experience and stringent quality standards to create texts tailored exactly to your needs.

Our copywriting services include the preparation of various types of content. We create, among others:

articles for websites; articles for corporate blogs; SEO content; advertising slogans; product descriptions; commercial offers; e-books; content for leaflets and advertising folders; specialist journal articles; quality translation from Norwegian, Russian and Polish.

Writing is our passion. Whether you want to create a blog about your hobby, a specialized journal entry or a SEO product description, we are here to help. Contact us to get a quote!

Portfolio excerpt 1: blog entry

download: portfolio_excerpt_1.pdf

Portfolio excerpt 2: narco-analysis; article for a website

download: narco-analysis.pdf

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