Unit-PCS Urszula Grzybowska

Unit-PCS Urszula Grzybowska

Joined on: 2020-07-10
Wrocław, Poland
SKILLS: wordpress

Website of my agency: https://unit-pcs.com/portfolioEN.html

I deal with broadly understood digital and web publishing. It means that I undertake the design and creation of:

- electronic publications, ex. multimedial presentations, brochures, e-books (from 25 €)

- websites (from 75 €)

- computer graphics, ex. logos, leaflets, posters (from 10 €)

- databases with contact informations (from 25 €).

The centairty of high professionalism of the services provided by Unit-PCS is confirmed by experience in the vocation, portfolio on our website and the fact of acquring knowledge during studies from proffessionalists lecturing on University of Wroclaw.

The main advantage is exactitude, promptness and reliability.

I guarantee academic quality, which of course does not exclude low and production prices.

Dilsik - layout

download: dilsik1-skonwertowany1.pdf

Kaucja24 - layout

download: kaucja1-skonwertowany.pdf

University of Wroclaw - guard for first-year students

http://unit-pcs.com/UWr_rozkl1.pdf download:

University of Wroclaw - business card

download: Grzybowska_Urszula_wizytowka2105.pdf

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