Tom Mark

Tom Mark

Joined on: 2021-04-06
Sieradz, Poland

Looking for a senior professional designer that can help you reach a premium shelf? Got it.

As a graphic designer, I have spent over five years creating brand identities, user interfaces and user experience design. Some of the projects were developed in collaboration with top design studios, other carried out entirely by me, serving clients from all over the globe.

I am a big fan of minimalist, meaningful design, which beyond its professional form, conveys the brand's story, its purpose and is designed in line with market research.

Things I can help you with:

-Brand Identity Design -Developing Brands Awareness -User Interface -User Experience -Promotional Materials -Visual Strategy -Project Supervision

By collaborating with top design studios and studying an endless amount of research, I've developed my own methodology for data collection, market research, and creating a visual strategy that looks good and is tailored to its audience's needs, called DRC Methodology.

DRC methodology means; data, research, creation. It is the structuring of my creative process, as the visualization itself is only the culmination of the convention that the sign hides.

If you're looking for a premium quality design that works hand to hand with market research, bolding brand's point of difference and tailored to your costumers, why not say hello?

Royal Star Aero

Royal Star Aero is in charge of pilot training. It is the number one aviation training centre in Poland. We wanted to reflect the idea of children's dreams of flying, so we put a paper plane that connects to the rest of the plane's fuselage in the logo, so the young dreams have turned into what is called proper "flying".

Weronika Surdacka- fashion designer

Weronika Surdacka- in a nutshell, fashion design at its best. Weronika Surdacka is a young fashion designer who has taken international catwalks by storm. Her unique style, mainly based on the classic combination of black and white, is appreciated by Vogue, Gmaro, L'offciel and Glamour.

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