RnD Team

RnD Team

Joined on: 2019-08-14
Bielsko-Biała, Poland
SKILLS: adobe after effectadobe illustratoradobe indesignadobe photoshopbussines cardc#c++cssdata analysisdelphidrawinggraphic designgraphicsindividual projectsjavascriptleafletslogopackaging designphpposterspythonvector graphicsvisualizationvisualizing 3Dweb design

A fresh look at the visual content design is our mission. Your brand identity and business data will get a unique, aesthetic and meaningful presentation with us. We love generative art, cutting edge 3D ray tracing and machine learning, all mixed with traditional techniques of graphic design.

Wybrane projekty zrealizowane w naszym studiu, RnD Team.

https://rnd.team download: rnd.team.portfolio.pdf

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