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Architecture graduate, eager to learn and explore new cultures. Devoted to architecture for the last 5 years of study I have graduated with a Master’s Degree of Architecture with the category A. During my education, I also discovered my passion for traveling and learning about new cultures. For this reason, I enriched my experience in various international student exchanges. Two semesters I studied in Malaga and one in Madrid. Apart from this, I successfully completed the internship in Malaga, where I could improve my professional working proficiency in Spanish and in profession as well. I am currently learning Italian and I look forward to the chance of further architectural opportunities in Milan, a city famous for its good design. I am eager to learn and motivated to work hard and ready to take on a new challenge.


PORTFOLIO Architektura/Wzornictwo/ Malarstwo/Rysunek Portfolio_Anna_K._Gutowska.pdf

I kindly invite you to have a look at my portfolio. Travels, diversity of the world and love of nature are an endless source of my inspiration. The sketchbook is everywhere with me, I draw what I see and in this way I connect with the place and people. From observation to the first line, through thought, to an idea - that's how each project begins.

portfolio/041/097641/projekt_logo.jpg Alberto Amendola

Logo design designed for an individual customer. Various versions of the project were prepared until a compromise was reached and the customer was satisfied.

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Small Lamp & Desk Organizer Design Projekt_Gwiozda.pdf

The aim of the project was to create an original item inspired by the Podhale folklore for people who like to surround themselves with extraordinary objects. The project was an attempt to create a modern object that would refer to the tradition of the region. This is how the design of a multifunctional desk souvenir was created. The object consists of a wooden base in which the LED lamp was mounted. The upper surface of the base has been sculptured so that it can act as an organizer. There is room for pens, business cards, or notes and small things. There is also space for two round washers made of coloured glass and a wooden rosette, referring to tradition in a new context. Thanks to these elements arranged differently on the pad, an interesting game of chiaroscuro was created. Rosette in an interesting way casts a shadow, and coloured slides disperse light and create a friendly and intimate atmosphere. Inserts made of coloured glass of different diameters can also be used as a stand for a cup or bowl. The main material used in the design is light birch wood, which gives an elegant look.