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From: Poland

Location: Tychy, PL

On Useme since 8 June 2021

About me

Hi! I am Marek, a web designer/developer.

Building websites, company dedicated software or e-commerce webpage is what I specialize in.

I work as programmed for over three years now.

I study IT at well-known polish university (Politechnika Śląska).

Besides that, I work on my skills developing side projects during my free time.

I have an extensive portfolio of experience.

I am thorough and ambitious, your project will be led with the highest quality of service.

Being creative is also my strong point. I am happy to offer you some interesting solutions to your project.

Best regards, Marek Świerkot


Api Backend C# Cms Databases Frontend Javascript Mysql .NET Postgresql Web application Web site


Praca etatowa jako programista aplikacji webowych

For the last three years I have worked as Web Designer. I specialize in .NET and Angular projects. I had a chance to try myself in PHP as well. During my spare time I develop my programming skills by creating my own projects.

In regard of my...

Strona internetowa produktu z branży motoryzacyjn

Website designed for presentation of automotive products. Piranha CMS for ASP.NET Core was used as a CMS mechanism in this project.

Technologies: ASP.NET Core MVC, Piranha CMS, EF Core, C#, MySQL Server, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS


Strona internetowa dla radcy prawnego / Attorney-a

Technologies: ASP.NET Core MVC, EF Core, C#, MySQL Server, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS

Attachments: -eOJ7LVDHhLbQKb64j/view?usp=sharing

‘Auctor’ - aplikacja internetowa do zarządzania s

Project was developed for a gym and martial arts center. Its purpose was to help stuff with daily task, such as client registration, gym entries logging, etc. It also allows to store information about clients, selling gym tickets, setting up time...

Strona internetowa dla siłowni i klubów sportów wa

Main website of the sport center, for which ‘Auctor’ software was deisgned. It is built upon a simple CMS mechanism, designed from scratch, allowing for the timetable and most important content management.

Technologies: ASP.NET Core MVC, EF...

Aplikacja internetowa do zarządzania gabinetem fiz

Project designed for physiotherapist. The web application allows users to keep patient’s file. Among others, it allows: to enter patient data, edit them, register details of visits and plan them in a schedule. In addition, the doctor may store...