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Joined on: 2020-02-11
Legnica, Poland
SKILLS: background musicenglishlectormusicmusic arrangementrecordingsrecord productionsongwritingtranslation

I am a passionate musician - producer, songwriter and guitarist. My musical journey began in 2008. I've learned to play the electric guitar, piano and sing on my own. Over time, I also began to write songs and it is very important part of my work. I have realeased and album with band Scoffers and produced popular music with band Chile. I performed on large events throughout the country and abroad. In 2015 I went to London to master my skills and get new inspirations. I came back after 3 years with fresh mindset and new skill set. I am a listener of SMN Wrocław and I am also working on my own material. I always make sure that each element of the creative process makes a unique whole. I am fluent in Logic and Ableton. So far I have completed several projects as a freelancer and I am hungry for new challenges.

Chilè - Every Outline

Lyrics, vocals, arrangement and music production download:

Chilè - The Rules

Lyrics, vocals, arrangement, music production download:

Heartbeat Law - the unborn song for Netflix

Arrangement, music production download:

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