Magdalena Horanin

Magdalena Horanin

Joined on: 2015-09-28
Łeba, Poland
SKILLS: adobe illustratoradobe indesignadobe photoshopbussines cardconcept drawingcorporate identitydrawingdtpgraphicsillustrationslayout designlayout designleafletslogomobile gamesposterspre-pressszparowanietypographyvector graphicsweb design

I deliver functional solutions for your company and provide support for creative agencies worldwide 🌏 . I connect your business with the customers using the best visual tools.

☑ Branding ☑ Corporate Identity ☑ Logo design ☑ Web design

My job is to make sure you get what your company really needs. I provide comprehensive design support for:

☑ Agencies ☑ Companies ☑Publishers ☑ Organisations and ☑ Individual clients.

'At last someone could tie all our elements into a design, it was amazing to see. Really!! I would say Magda's strength lies in observation and empathy and than channeling these into creative designs.' --- Joanna Smith, CEO Ock Pop Tok

Coodo for Kids - identyfikacja

Minimal, modern CI carrying important message and reflects company’s mission. This brand for kids without compromises delivers the best products to young clients. My role was to show it.

Objectives Coodo’s products are simple and universal. Obvious was that CI has to show the same direction. We targeted young, active parents who put functionality and quality first. Main objective was to reach desired simplicity. Additionally, all elements had to work well on different materials – textiles, paper, embroidery.

'Magda is very committed the new tasks, she always has a lot of interesting, creative ideas that are at the same time aligned to the brand’s character. At the same time, she is able to listen to the client’s needs, is flexible and open to discussion and, what we value the most, has a lot of patience ;).' Beata Miros – Founder of Coodo – Poland

Solutions Finding balance between simplicity and friendliness helped to build image that corresponds with the brand’s strategy. We chose a logo that reflects high quality of products and company’s respect for the young users. Supporting elements refers to The Polish heritage, a simple colour palette helps to organize the communication. Beside elements listed above, in the first phase I created consistent identity including: a usage of typography, packaging, digital, lookbook, tags and labels.

OCK POP TOK - branding

Main objective? Improving communication between enterprise and clients by telling the story and expose its social mission.

Characteristic Of The Company Ock Pop Tok is a social enterprise located in Lao PDR. The traditional textiles, mostly made of silk, are their main focus. On top of that, OPT owns three stationary shops, provides room rental, runs two cafes and organizes workshops for people who want to learn more about traditional Lao crafts.

At last someone could tie all our elements into a design, it was amazing to see. Really!! I would say Magda’s strength lies in observation and empathy and than channeling these into creative designs. Joanna Smith – CEO Ock Pop Tok – Lao PDR

Objectives With five different brands gathered under one parent company and 3 different locations scattered around the city, the main challenge was to combine all of the elements in a clear communication system. Together with the client, we had to deeply understand connections and find common thread for all of them.

Summery The new corporate identity not only gave the company a better, more professional look, but also helped to organize their communication, made their mission more accessible and transparent. Few months of intensive work showed how strongly the design is rooted in company’s DNA and how important it is for their development.

Logotypy i sygnety

Logo Selection (2013-2018)

Dentopolis Web Re-design

Website re-design for dental clinic that gave it a new mobile friendly layout and useful, informative content.

Established in 2013, Dentopolis quickly gained trust of diversified clientele. They base success on professionalism, friendly atmosphere and qualified group of specialist.

Dentopolis is located in one of the largest cities in Poland. They welcome patients from all around the world, including UK, Germany, Norway and Middle East.

Objectives The main objective was to update technology. New website had to be modern, mobile friendly and SEO optimized. We focused on the web flow and user experience. Client also wanted to maintain a warm, professional image of the clinic.

Because of the wide target group, I had to keep in mind different technology skills and users’ behaviour.

Solutions Work was lay out in to few mail stones:

Strategy – alongside with the client we listed out priorities and goals. During meeting we learned about the market, competition and user expectations.

It seemed clear – new site had to be intuitive and simple to navigate. Knowing that users use it mostly to find contact details and information about service, I put an extra effort to make these elements visible and accessible.

Key Visuals – based on previous stage I created three key visuals showing different styles and approaches.

This important point let client to choose the best direction. Artworks were focused on tone of voice, general mood and UI elements.

Wireframe and UX design – the key stage that helped us established structure, website flow and keep in mind user’s preferences.

Summery Dated website was replaced with mobile friendly layout of clear structure. During the process we had chance to solve the problems and find solutions that will serve the users. The message is clear – Dentopolis is a place of stable reputation caring about its patient’s needs. The website become a source of useful information, improving doctor-patient communication.

Bombay Curry - Logo Concept

Part of the discovery process for Indian Restaurant.

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