Joined on: 2020-08-27
Warszawa, Poland
SKILLS: iOSmobile applicationsobjective-CphotoshopRESTswift

★ I am 26 years old. The first programming language I have been learning was Objective-C. Now I am learning and work on Swift (more than 2 years). I graduated from 4 different schools and took courses in this direction. I really enjoy spending time in xCode and getting more and more skills – this is my distinguishing feature among the rest.

★ I will be happy to complete any "test task" to show the level of my knowledge in practice. I learn fast and I’m not afraid of difficulties, I am actually ready to throw myself into work. Thanks for your attention!

★ Skills : ✔ Swift ✔ Objective-C ✔ IOSSDK ✔ Foundation ✔ UIKit ✔ OOP ✔ SOLID ✔ MVC ✔ MVVM ✔ CocoaPods ✔ RestAPI ✔ JSON ✔ Networking(Alamofire/SwiftyJSON) ✔ MapKit ✔ CoreData ✔ Firebase(Auth/Storage/Firestore)


Simple application to watch football and highlights. P.S. the App is made entirely by me.



An app to help travelers. You can view various information about the country. You can also use photo or image from the gallery to translate the text into the desired language. P.S. the App is made entirely by me.



Very beautiful messenger. P.S. the App is made entirely by me.


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