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The Difference Between The Lucky Eight Bonus Round And The Lucky 88

Lucky 88 slots is a modern 5 reel scratch line with a classic method to come up with a winning combination. The goal of this game is easy, i.e. to collect three symbols of the same type and color. You will also notice that it is one of few online casino slots that does not require coins to be won. It is because of this feature that the slot players of today have an endless number of combinations to choose from and are given the thrill of trying to win a jackpot without any efforts. Definitely after reading the article, visit lucky 88(click on the link below ) and try to make money online today.

There are three types of bonus rounds in this slot machine. Each bonus round has its own set of multiplier that helps to multiply the amount of spins a player needs to make in order to get a certain result. For instance, in the single-spins bonus round, there are two multipliers - one for spins that you make and another multiplier that come into play when you add up all the spins you have made.

In addition to the regular bonuses that can be won through regular play, lucky 88 also features progressive jackpots. These are real progressive jackpots that can be earned through regular playing. When more players join in a game and the jackpot gets larger, it becomes harder to win. The next time you play, it will surely be a wise decision to cash in your winnings for this big progressive jackpot.

What makes lucky 88 exciting is the fact that it has many features that facilitate players to win more not only through regular spins but also through bonus rounds. There are actually three lotto style bonus rounds that you can participate in. The first one is called the Tripeze. In this bonus round, players need to predict three different combinations and then place their marks beside the corresponding symbols. If your mark matches the correct combination, you win a prize.

The second bonus round in this popular online poker game is the Lucky Eight. In this slot machine game, players need to choose the "low card" before they place their money in the machine. In this manner, they help reduce the chances of choosing a common winning combination. As with the other two bonuses in this popular online casino, winning in lucky eight requires a minimum of two spins.

Lastly, the third bonus round in the popular online casino is the Bonus Stars. Like with the other slots in this game, you need to match the same number of lucky symbols while you place your money in the machine. However, what makes this slot interesting is that the actual number inside the star is not the same all the time. In other words, you get to see how certain symbols would act if you put a specific value on them.

For example, a lucky 88 is one of those symbols with a value of one. If you put this symbol on a number eight, you win a prize. What is interesting about this, however, is that a certain number of times, it would not change. This means that there are a lot of combinations that will result to a value of one. Playing through this system can certainly be fun and challenging, yet it can also be frustrating since you cannot predict which symbols would come out during a spin.

To end, it is important to note that both the Lucky 88 and the Lucky Eight bonus rounds have different iconography. While the former features a green background, the latter features a blue background. These differences in iconography, as well as the differences in the number of spins needed for each, help make these slot machines more exciting and challenging. Aside from the exciting bonuses offered by these two games, you may also try the other slots in the slots virtual casino including the Big Shot, Flash, Jittery, Hopscotch and Neon. You may play them at no charge using the virtual slots online.