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About me

I'm making music and recording sounds since my childhood. As a child I was learning cello in music school through 9 years. I still play regularly. In middle school I was learning basics of electronics, in technical middle school. In between I polished my journalist skills on one year long course, and after I went to high school of journalism. Later I changed direction of studying and it was gamification. I didn't finish high school, because I'm more intrested in growing my music skills, and also I spend a lot of time in travels through Europe.

Music, journalism and travel path, guided me also to photography and videos, which is followed by computer graphic and videos edition.

In past years I have played few hundred concerts as first singer in band Sielska. Now I'm playing with Zielony Bus Band as cellist and singer. I created also soundtrack to theater spectacle "Nowszy Wspanialszy Świat" based on Huxley novel "Brave New World". It was diploma project of Katarzyna Starczewska on WSG highschool in Bydgoszcz.

Everyday I manage two Facebook pages: Francikowski and Zielony Bus Band. I treat them as personal portfolio, and presentation of my actions in music world. Managing also include taking care about other profiles on Mixcloud, YouTube, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud. What am I doing there?

  • - recording of sounds in the field
  • - edition of music and sounds
  • - composing and cooperation with band with creating new music
  • - cooperation in managing band
  • - organisation of concerts
  • - creating and editing content on pages
  • - research about artists worth of promoting
  • - creating, mixing and mastering experimental radio shows on Mixcloud
  • - creating, mixing and mastering tracks on Bandcamp
  • - designing graphic projects of CD covers
  • - releasing music phisicaly and digitaly

Sometimes I play also in other music projects.

I'm a part of group which creating Boski Fest in Janowo near Bydgoszcz. I made a few things there:

  • - as a volounteer I helped to manage space before festival
  • - as visual artist I created visuals on electronic stage
  • - as a musician I played with Zielony Bus Band on main stage (on a few editions of festival)


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Facebook page Francikowski

Fanpage which is documentation of, what I'm doing

Facebook page Zielony Bus Band

Fanpage of band Zielony Bus Band which I'm plaing with and co-creating.

Bandcamp profile

Site, where I'm uploading my music.