flowassistant - VA

flowassistant - VA

Joined on: 2020-05-04
Szczytno, Poland
SKILLS: data analysisdatabasesdodawanie produktówe-commerceenglishexcelpower pointreportsubmissionstranslationtypingvirtual office

We are a small team with big dreams.

We approach new challenges with enthusiasm and passion. We are experienced in administration, logistics and continuous improvement projects. We feel good in Excel, e-commerce platforms and customer service. And this is just a fraction of our skillset. We can change your life, giving you back your day so you can work on the tasks that will take your business to incredible new places.

We will not only make your life easier, but also will help you grow the business.

We can help you get more done because we work on the administrative tasks on your to-do list while you work on the high-value tasks that only you can do.

You can delegate administrative tasks and effectively get back more hours in your day.

Here are the examples of tasks we can help you with:

• handling billing and simple accounting

• sending newsletters and marketing material to customers

• updating product description, inventory management etc.

• handling basic HR duties

• filling data in CRM

• searching for up-to-date information based on your needs

• compiling research data

• helping you choose a right vendor by comparing prices

• calendar management

• preparing meeting materials

• making travel arrangements

• generating reports

• QuickBooks management

• and more repetitive or creative tasks on a daily/weekly or monthly basis

You have time-consuming, unpleasant¬, or simply boring tasks both in your professional and personal life ? Consider delegating them to us!


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