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From: Poland

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We have 5 years of experience in software development. We offer a wide range of services - from web and mobile applications to computer vision systems and artificial intelligence applications. Our developers have commercial experience with technologies such as C++, Python(Django), React.js, Java, Android, Data Science, Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, and Cryptography.


Agile development Android Artificial inteligence C C# C++ Css Data analysis Databases Django Games Html Html5 IOS It security Java Java ee Javascript Linux Machine learning Mobile applications Mysql .NET Online shop Perl Php Plsql Postgresql Python Scrum Spring Spring Spring MVC Sql Web application Windows


Opracowanie Systemu, który rozpoznaję ludzi na nag

Został stworzony system do analizy wideo za pomocą sztucznej inteligencji w tym głębokich sieci neuronowych. System służy do śledzenia osób pojawiających się na obrazie zarejestrowanym przez kamery. Do śledzenia krótkoterminowego wykorzystany...

Aplikacja Webowa umożliwiająca profilowanie i mode

Aplikacja wymaga wprowadzenia odpowiednich danych o środowisku IT/OT takich jak informacje o środowisku sieciowym(IP/protokoły sieciowe/porty), systemach(platformy, narzędzia administratorskie), aplikacje(środowiska deweloperskie, używane...

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  • I am looking for a person to partially or fully implement an application in Python. It is a fragment of an engineering work aimed at creating a robotic station. You should program a simple graphical interface, an information exchange system with a script containing a server, and a function for importing data from a spreadsheet (optionally there is also a script with the server to be improved). The idea of ​​the stand is as follows: using the application on the computer, we download information about orders to be completed from the Excel sheet and via TCP-IP we send this information to the PLC which controls the robot, and then we receive the response from the controller. The application should allow for basic robot control (e.g. sending a Start / Stop signal after pressing a button) and displaying basic information about the station status (robot failure, sending orders, etc.) The program consists of 3 main parts: 1. TCP-IP client-server communication between computer and PLC (pre-made) 2. Graphical interface that displays information received from the PLC and allows you to control the robot (e.g. after pressing the button, sending START information to the PLC via TCP-IP) 3. Retrieving information from an excel sheet Below is a link to a Google drive with an outline of the graphical interface, a sheet diagram and a server in a test form.