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Kraków, Poland
SKILLS: adobe illustratoradobe photoshopallegrobussines cardcopywritingfacebookfanpagegraphicslayout designleafletslogoseoshopersocial mediavector graphics

I like to think creatively and I decided to translate it into remote work. I like to set myself new goals that I always achieve. I relieve people running online companies in their daily duties so that they can focus on what is most important in their business

If you are looking for a professional freelancer, you need an ad for Facebook, Instagram or maybe you need to create a web for Messenger. No problem, I'll do it professionally! If you need professional graphics, or maybe you want to create a unique logo for your company? It's a pleasure for me. I put my heart into every job so that you will be satisfied! write to me, nap weno I will help you

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My profile is my business card, so we make every effort to make it look professional. Each photo, each description is the result of my personality and what texts I write.strona ktora prowadze download:

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I have been doing this successfully for a long time. Sales with my Paid Ads increased by 40%. The logo is my work. Like the posts. I make every effort to provide the client with the best results.

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